High Times’ Handy Guide to the Best Grow Tents of 2018

Want the best grow tent for cultivating on the low? We got you.
The High Times Guide to 2018's Best Grow Tents

Gorilla Grow Tent

10 Best Grow Tents Of 2017

Gorilla Grow Tent makes some of the best grow tents in the game. If you’re ready to take things more seriously, they have grow tents that will probably only fit in your basement.

Price: $2,399.95

Pros: Bug resistant micro mesh pre-filters are included. There are viewing windows, tightly reinforced seals, strong zippers and durable fabric. They must have anticipated this would be used in basements because there is a heavy duty flood protection pool. Instructions on how to set it up are clear. There is a free 12″ height extension kit for any extra tall girls you might be growing.

Cons: Takes up a huge amount of space. You won’t have a place to put this in a rented apartment. Not for beginners. It’s for growers who already know what they’re doing and want to increase their harvest size.

Why We Like It: So much room for activities.

Final Hit: Best Grow Tents 2018

What company has the absolute best grow tent will vary depending on your taste, style, and amount of space you have. If you’re ready for a large harvest, we’d recommend going with something like the Gorilla Grow. For smaller grows, you can save money with a Valuebox. And for anyone who doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to set up an indoor grow room, try looking into the all-in-one Worm’s Way. If you’re not a fan of grow tents, there are grow boxes, too, that can do more. It’s important to note, however, that grow boxes are much more expensive than grow tents.

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