Hot Pot Products: What’s New for Cannabis Cultivators and Connoisseurs

Everyone wants the latest gear.
Hot Pot Products: What's New for Cannabis Cultivators and Connoisseurs

Whether you’re a professional grower, a beginner, a connoisseur, or just experimenting, we’ve got some great gear suggestions for you.

Pen Ultimate

If you’re seeking a compact, stealthy and effective vape pen, look no further than the C.Stick from AccuVape, which looks like a simple writing implement but hits like a dab rig. The kit comes with a coil and a quartz atomizer and includes a mixing tool, a wireless USB charger and a battery with a lifetime warranty. AccuVape also created the V.Stick AV unit specifically for cartridges—the only buttonless adjustable-voltage-battery pen in existence. 

Grow Easy
Starting at $9.99

The container in which you choose to grow your cannabis plants has a tremendous impact on your eventual harvest. Victory 8’snew Garden Cubes, manufactured from durable AeroFlow fabric, are fully modular and allow roots to penetrate outward and make use of all available space for efficient gardening, even in the smallest of areas. Victory 8 also sells larger EZ-Gro instant-raised beds and DekProTek pads that protect surfaces and promote root oxygenation.

Load Up
Starting at $29.99

We’re always looking for functional and affordable ways to consume our concentrates, and we love the new Mini Rigs from MJ Arsenal. With several different styles to choose from including the Jammer (pictured), these extra-thick four-millimeter borosilicate glass rigs utilize multi-hole percs to provide smooth hits of cooled vapor, flavorful and diffused through the recyclers. A wide and sturdy base keeps them from tipping over and spilling or breaking. 

Vacuum Clean
Approximately $5,415 (C$6,995) 

The world’s best concentrate makers rely on LeDab to provide the best extraction equipment at reasonable prices. For proper purging, try the 3.2CF Vacuum Oven from Best Value Vacs, which features four individually heated shelves and touch-screen controls on an LCD display. The innovative oven offers 7 percent temperature uniformity, contains an easy-to-clean stainless steel LED-lit interior and includes a clamp, adapter, gasket, hose and cord (vacuum pump not included).

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