Review: Double Barrel’s Dual-Cartridge Vaporizer

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Review: Double Barrel's Dual-Cartridge Vaporizer
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Double Barrel is known for its innovative dual-cartridge vaporizer, which lets you vape two carts at a time. This feature opens the door to exploring different combinations of oils for unique effect and flavor combos. Most recently, Double Barrel teamed up with Kingpen to launch two new THC oils: Pineapple Express and Banana Gum. Here’s what we think about Double Barrel’s unique dual-cartridge vaporizer and the company’s newest THC oils.

Introduction: About Double Barrel

Double Barrel is a California based cannabis company. So far, their products are available at numerous dispensaries and shops throughout the Golden State.

The company’s main product is its trademarked double barrel vaporizer. Double Barrel bills its vaporizer as “the world’s first device to infuse two vapor chambers into one air-flow.”

The design of the Double Barrel vape requires you also to use their specialized THC oil cartridges. Most recently, the company started collaborating with Kingpen to develop new oils and blends.


Let’s start off with the Double Barrel device before getting into the THC oils. At first glance, the double barrel vaporizer is sleek and minimalist. It comes in matte black and gun metal, both of which maintain the overall clean, minimal, functional vibe.

Visually, it works. It’s the kind of thing you won’t be embarrassed or self-conscious about carrying around or sharing with friends. The clean simplicity adds a sense of modern class to the entire thing.

When taking it out of the box, the first thing you’ll notice is the feel of the vape in your hands. The metal body is surprisingly heavy and sturdy feeling. It is incredibly satisfying to handle and is a fun part of using this vaporizer.

The Double Barrel also comes with a “knuckle ring” accessory. It easily slides on and off the back of the vaporizer and lets you hold the device brass knuckle-style. The knuckle ring adds a little extra stylistic flair and is another way you can customize your vaping experience.

Review: Double Barrel's Dual-Cartridge Vaporizer
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To use the Double Barrel, you flip down a small lever on the back of the device. This lets the outer shell slide off the interior component.

From there, simply screw in both of your THC oil carts. Once the cartridges are in place, slide the outer body back in place and flip the lever up to lock everything in.

The Double Barrel is equally easy to vape with. There are no buttons or controls. Simply give it a drag and it automatically fires up. The device heats up surprisingly quick, giving you a mouthful of vapor almost immediately.

Some connoisseurs might not like being unable to control temperature, but in general, the device’s “Flex Circuit Technology” heats up quickly and evenly, at just the right temp to maximize flavor. And given Double Barrel’s emphasis on mixing and matching oils to get different flavor combos, it’s not surprising that the company locks it in at a temperature designed to optimize flavor.

If you don’t want to hit both carts at once, there are little air holes at the bottom of the device. Simply cover one with your finger and it’ll block that one off.

In our experience, this feature wasn’t entirely foolproof. Most of the time, it still felt and tasted like we were always getting a healthy dose of both oils. But at least the company is paying attention to these sorts of fine-grained details.

All in all, the Double Barrel trades the ability to dial in certain user settings for simplicity, sleek beauty, and ease of use. The end result is definitely positive: tasty, smooth, consistent vapor with no fuss.


The Double Barrel retails around $100. That’s a fair price, especially for how sturdy and indestructible this thing feels.

Beyond that, the entire system is super user friendly. And the double barrel concept, while it might at first seem a bit gimmicky, is actually pretty cool.

It really does deliver some out of this world flavor. And something about hitting two strains at once also seems to pack a pretty serious punch on the effects front. A few puffs is typically enough to send you as high as you want to go.

Double Barrel + Kingpen: New THC Oils

Any review of the Double Barrel vaporizer is incomplete if it doesn’t also talk about the THC oils. That’s basically the entire point of Double Barrel. You get to mess around with different oils, combine different flavors, mix and match strains, blend effects, whatever you want.

Double Barrel’s newest release is two new oils. Made in collaboration with Kingpen, they just came out with a Pineapple Express (hybrid) oil and a Banana Gum (another hybrid) oil.

Each Double Barrel/Kingpen cart is filled with a half-gram of oil. And as with everything about Double Barrel, flavor is a primary concern. After all, the whole idea is to mix and match flavors to get one-of-a-kind vaping experiences.

To that end, the combo of new oils is definitely sweet and fruity. For better or worse, a thick pull of vapor immediately tastes very much like Rockets, those colorful little sugar discs we all used to get trick or treating.

After the initial punch of sugary sweetness, more distinct fruity flavors start to emerge, tasting of pineapples, bananas, and strawberries. For some, the sweetness might be overwhelming. But if you’re into fruity strains, these oils will not disappoint.

Another possible concern: terpenes. Often times, hardcore cannabis purists insist on concentrates that only have terps that occur naturally in the source flower. These folks are often not fans of concentrates that add outside terpenes later on in the extraction process.

The Double Barrel/Kingpen oils add terpenes into the concentrate. As a result, some hardcore terp purists might not like that aspect of these oils.

But everyone else will appreciate the strong, incredibly tasty flavors these oils manage to deliver. Importantly, the oils are flavored with naturally-derived terpenes rather than artificially-manufactured flavors.

The Takeaway

All thing considered, this is a vaporizer worth adding to your collection. At first impression, the whole “double barrel” thing might seem a bit gimmicky. But those concerns melt away pretty quickly as soon as you start handling this sturdy and surprisingly stylish device.

And as for the vaping experience, Double Barrel delivers. Easy to use, it consistently delivers super tasty and potent vapor that had us going back for hit after hit. If you’re OK with natural terpenes being added in later in the extraction process, then you will love the flavors you’ll get from Double Barrel.

By focusing so much on flavor, Double Barrel is moving into new cannabis terrain, celebrating aspects of weed beyond simply how high you can get—but don’t worry, you’ll still get plenty high, too.

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