The Transporter 2.0 Backpack Is Smell-Proof With Hidden Compartments

The Transporter 2.0 has six hidden compartments with a smell-proof chamber.
The Transporter 2.0 Backpack Is Smell-Proof With Hidden Compartments

The Transporter 2.0 is the sequel to the first transporter which launched on 4/20 of last year. We were given a Transporter 2.0 by Sprayground to test before the official release. What we’ve learned is the new transporter capsule is one of the stealthiest ways to carry your cannabis, cash or whatever you have to hide in plain sight. Not only are there several stash spots and a completely hidden smell-proof compartment, you won’t find any branding, pot-leafs or anything to take away from the incognito design.

The Transporter 2.0 Backpack Is Smell-Proof With Hidden Compartments

Transporter 2.0

Before we were even introduced to the features of the Transporter 2.0 we were impressed by the low-key design. The only thing that wasn’t discreet is the giant medical marijuana bag which is actually more than a novelty. It’s also smell-proof in case you need something big to hide the smell of weed.

The backpack itself is compact but there is still enough space for a laptop, charger, mouse, headset, a few books, and about a half pound of hidden nugs all at once. We filled the backpack up and it still fit comfortably without looking lumpy or suspicious. There are six stash spots in total but only one is smell-proof.

Smell-Proof Compartment

The Transporter 2.0 sets itself apart from other smell-proof backpacks because the smell-proof compartment is completely separate from the rest of the backpack. This means you won’t have to blow up your spot when opening the backpack in public to grab headphones or anything else you might need from the main compartment.

Other smell-proof backpacks do great to keep the smell out when they’re completely sealed but even a crack in the zipper will let smells out. As a result, they’re only safe to open when you’re not in public.

The smell-proof compartment in the Transporter 2.0 is protected by 3 separate velcro seals and the inside is lined with smell-absorbing charcoal. As we mentioned earlier, you can fit about a half of a pound of full nugs in it. We won’t give away the location of the smell-proof or any of the other hidden compartments. We’ll leave that secret to owners of the Transporter 2.0.

We gave the backpack with two open containers and a plastic sandwich bag of weed hidden in the stash pockets to various friends and coworkers and asked them to smell for weed. Nobody was able to smell, let alone locate how to get to the hidden stash.

Other Hidden Compartments

On top of a large, hidden smell-proof compartment there are five other secret compartments. It took us some time to find all of them without any assistance. None of them are obvious and we don’t think anyone that wasn’t aware of them would ever be able to spot them. As a result, you’ll have to spend some time getting to know your Transporter 2.0. The first compartment we found had a card inside it congratulating us on finding one of the many secret stash spots.

Nobody but you will know where these spots are so you should be able to hide cash or anything else you don’t want being easily seen in them.

Final Hit: Transporter 2.0

The Transporter 2.0 Backpack Is Smell-Proof With Hidden Compartments

The Transporter 2.0 backpack is the most low-key way we’ve found to carry your cannabis around in style. The last transporter backpack sold out hours after its release so you’ll want to be ready for the drop. Sprayground will be dropping them on 4/12 at 4:20 PM so they can be shipped in time for use on 4/20. The black transporter 2.0 will be on Spraground and there will also be smell-proof cross bodies in black and white. Like the last Transporter capsule, this is a limited release. Once they’re sold out, they’re gone forever.

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