REVIEW: The Cure Company – Kinglato

The Cure Company’s new High Octane x Curelato cut is coming for the crown.
REVIEW: The Cure Company - Kinglato

Locals to Southern California should already be excited by the fact that The Cure Company is dropping a new strain, but for the larger community who may not be familiar with what the Co’s been cooking up⁠—you’re in for a treat. While Gelato should be common vernacular for just about any cannabis consumer by this point, if you’re not already aware, the Cure Co has been growing their own Gelato cultivar the past few years that, while Gelato is a great flower, the Curelato has simply taken to the next level. 

In fact, it’s actually a Cannabis Cup award winner. This new cross, though, pairing their coveted Curelato and their High Octane cut, has brought out the best of both worlds and introduced a high that will cater to both the OG die-hards and the Gelato fan-boys.

Zooming Out on The Cure Company

Let me start off by making clear for those that don’t know: The Cure Company is not new to this. Having been in the game since 1996, the Cure Company has grown into one of California’s leading, indoor flower brands, with state-of-the-art cultivation facilities across Los Angeles County. Though they may be best known for their collaboration with Nipsey Hussle on Marathon OG, these guys are craft cannabis kingpins, with their runoff filling the jars of many other top brands in the space.

Running eight cultivation rooms on the second story of their dispensary in the Arts District (City Compassionate Caregivers or CCC) alone, these guys are easily one of the biggest, premium players in today’s legal landscape, without having lost their traditional senses. 

From Mimosa to Tire Fire, the Cure Company is known not only for the look of their centerfold-worthy buds, but their taste profiles as well. Other upcoming drops to California shelves include Black Cherry Pie and Real OG, which, like the Kinglato, should be serving across the state in the next few weeks.

Going In

Needless to say, I had to try the next generation of the Curelato, and boy, am I pleased with the results. Although the Kinglato buds are definitely picturesque, it’s really the nose on this one that’s going to stop you in your tracks. Definitely leaning heavier onto the OG/gas side than the candy nose Gelato tends to give off, there’s a certain sweetness here that Gelato smokers of any variety will recognize. Further, and what will undoubtedly lead to many moved units here, is that these buds test. Not that this should be what you’re judging off of, but it’s worth noting these buds tested at nearly 31 percent THC, which, while again, is not everything—is not nothing, either. 

However, if you thought the nose was impressive, the taste is here to carry the torch. Although I’m typically a joint smoker, this is the type of flower you’re going to want to break out the glass for in order to savor the terp experience. Given the strong diesel nose, I was totally expecting the Kinglato to put me in-da-couch, but I’m pleased to report this is a true hybrid, as illustrated by the fact that I’m writing this right now while still lit off the smoke.

While it’s important to note that this is definitely a heavy high, it’s not the type to stop you in your tracks or lull you to sleep, more one that will relax both your body and mind to undertake the next item on your agenda. I’m sure it’s also effective for just chilling out, but with the world opening back up, who has time for that?

Overall I’m very excited about this new cut from The Cure Company. The Kinglato hits on all the marks that I look for when trying to find a good, new smoke, and knowing the Cure Co’s track record, I’m confident that these flowers will continue to get better as time goes on.

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