CBD Company Privy Peach Branches Out Into Privy Playground

The founder of Privy Peach launched a new company to help people embrace intimacy in a comfortable way.
CBD Company Privy Peach Branches Out Into Privy Playground

CBD-infused lube and sex-positivity company Privy Peach just branched out into a new arena with Privy Playground, a company specializing in curated, luxury sex toys.

“At Privy Peach, we get asked for recommendations all the time, not only for pelvic help advice, but for suggestions for toys as well,” their blog explains. “Because we’re so familiar with all things intimate, it made sense to step it up with a brand-new, exclusive line of products.” 

Having struggled herself with pain during sex and sexual trauma, Kim Koehler, the founder and CEO of Privy Peach, was initially moved to start a company because of the healing powers CBD can have when used in lube and sensual oils. Now, she wants to continue teaching sex-positive people about their bodies with her newest online store. 

“I really want to do more on the education side, because there are so many people who don’t know about the painful side of sex, especially men. There are so many men who are just like, ‘What do you mean pain during sex?’ and it just shows how many people keep their pain to themselves,” she explained. “When I was married, I would go in the bathroom and cry afterwards because it was so painful for me. And so, educating people on the fact that there really is an issue, and that they’re not alone, that’s important to me. You’re not just stuck with the pain, or with the option of using numbing gel, which will also take away pleasure.” 

Intimate Health And Wellness

In addition to the sex toys her site curates, the new site offers things like pelvic health devices and kegel trainers to help those looking to exercise their pelvic muscles, either for better sex or better overall health. She also offers sex toys and products for all shapes and sizes. 

“So often, the sex to industry perpetuates myths about sex and the perfect body,” her website claims. “At Privy Playground, we have different collections for different needs, including petite vaginas, beginners to sexual activity, and toys for curvy partners.” 

She also points out a parallel between what she does with Privy Peach and the goals of her new website. Coming from a religious background, Koehler is familiar with the fear and repressions many experience when it comes to sex. 

“With a lot of sex websites, on the opening page, there will be, like, big dildos and all that kind of thing,” she said. “So again, just like with Privy Peach, I wanted people that weren’t necessarily totally comfortable with cannabis, kind of bridging that gap. That is what I’m trying to do with this new company; I want to bring people into it that might not necessarily be super comfortable or familiar with their sexuality. Maybe they just discovered sex toys, they are just starting to experiment, and they don’t necessarily want to open up a page that’s not discreet. I’m very classy with my marketing and data, making sure people see what they want to see.”

For more information on Privy products, visit privypeach.com or privyplayground.com.

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