Lil Wayne Full Meltdown at 2016 Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup

Photo by Joe Schaefer

We have no idea why, after a stellar performance by B.o.B, Lil Wayne suddenly ended his performance after just four songs at last night’s HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup in San Bernardino. We are truly baffled by why Lil Wayne would do this in front of thousands of Cannabis Cup attendees—in total disregard for his fans—and are awaiting an explanation from his team, since he was contractually committed to performing for an hour.

HIGH TIMES works tirelessly to produce professional events that are entertaining, educational and fun for the thousands of marijuana and music enthusiasts who attend our Cannabis Cups. We have a rich history of bringing superstar musical talent to Cannabis Cups, including Wiz Khalifa, The Roots, De La Soul, Wyclef Jean, The Game, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and many more.

HIGH TIMES puts on nearly a dozen successful events a year all over the country, and we have never experienced anything like Lil Wayne’s bizarre behavior. This post will be updated if we hear back from Lil Wayne and his team.

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Lil Wayne Full Meltdown at 2016 Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup

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  • Harriet__Tubman

    It’s High Times’s fault for booking him. Nobody wanted to vibe to little wayne. Book artists that are good and are 100% 420. Wayne is trash.

    • Russ Stowell

      your opinion, but maybe you might want to look into his health issues and just be glad he was able to perform 4 songs

      • Harriet__Tubman

        I could care less about his health issues. He did that to himself.

        • mad_hiddy

          nobody “does this to themselves”. Shit happens, man. We have to fucking help eachother. Leaving people in ditches might be your stupid way of solving the world’s problems, but people make mistakes…and many of us learn from them. Some of us take longer. Oooh-la-la, we’re not ALL like you, mr Perfect.

          • Harriet__Tubman

            If an alcoholic keeps drinking he will damage his liver and die. Thats not his fault????? Lil wayne’s health issues are related to his frequent consumption of the opiate drink called “lean.” Educate yourself you fool.

          • Kory with a K

            Hes a million dollar FAM.

            Nobody needs to be famous and belligerent… He acts and behave like a man who has it all… And doesnt really know what to do with his life besides make more paper… And what? Give his life to Jesus?

            Meh. Rap is dead. Its a propoganda stunt pushing blacks to be poor while avoiding the draft for military service.

    • Chief_D

      Nobody wanted to vibe to Lil Wayne lol You sound dumb as shit.

      • DrE

        Anyone who wants to vibe to Lil Wayne is dumb as shit

      • Harriet__Tubman

        Where you there motherfucker? I was and the crowd actually booed him. Suck a dick flavored lollypop

        • Chief_D

          Really? I thought you were digging a railroad. Of underground sorts.

          • Harriet__Tubman

            no u lame ass nigga -_-

  • Johnny Ellis

    you signed a contract wayne,so,guess you aint gettin paid . wtf was your problem anyway,the heat??

  • Mungo House Elf

    Because he’s a fucking cock womble

  • Kizzy Juarez

    Maybe he had some sort of health emergency and needed to go backstage and take care of it. From the video clips I’ve seen, it seems the most likely explanation. If he started feeling wrong while he was performing, he would obviously want to get backstage so that if he were to start having a seizure or something, it wouldn’t be happening in front of so many other people. Hope he’s okay.

    • mad_hiddy

      unfortunatly, 90% of the world doesn’t have a brain like yours. Most just want to come online and shit talk people. Just shows how much people really hate their lives.

      • afkbrb

        He’s getting paid $50,000+ per performance. Fuck outta here with your sympathetic bullshit. You must not own a business or know anything about making money. If I were the vendor, i’d sue his druggie ass for breach of contract! Disappointing the vendor, disappointing fans, disappointing performance, no professionalism at all. Btw, your word must be shit if you’re defending this guy anyways. You get online and defend people who would probably look right past you or spit on you lol, fucking idiot.

    • DrE

      Watch the video. He’s fine. Why do you care so much about this guy? He is a cancer

  • DrE

    Is anyone surprised? He’s not even a real musician. How the fuck he maintains popularity I want to know

  • Jenss Alexandra Maria

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  • Blind Tony

    Should had BlindTony perform bringin the green community wit great music to vibe to #LOUDLOUD


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