The Most Creative Ways People Have Hidden Their Weed

Some of the ways people have hidden their weed has been creative. Some have been ridiculous.
The Most Creative Ways People Have Hidden Their Weed

Even today with more and more states legalizing recreational weed, there’s still a reason to need to hide your stash. But finding that perfect nook or cranny away from nosy eyes or sensitive noses can be difficult.Some crafty individuals have taken on the task, inspiring the rest of us with some of the most creative ways people have hidden their weed.

To say the least, some of these hiding places have been more successful than others.

Smart Ways To Smuggle

The Most Creative Ways People Have Hidden Their Weed

Getting weed from point A to point B requires a little innovation and the confidence to pull off the maneuver. The most important factor: where the stash is stowed.

The ganja trafficking game often depends on the disguise of other goods for transport. Pot smugglers rely on costuming their bricks of bud inside a what looks like produce.

Dressed up as limes, carrots, or avocados, bounties like this covered by the shipments of the real fruits or vegetables seem concealed until suspicious authorities look closer. These innovators even painted realistic lines on a truckload of weed-stuffed cargo resembling watermelons.

But not every cargo can be concealed by other organic goods. Sometimes just a clever mode of transport can hide the green. Plenty have covertly stored marijuana on planes, trains, and automobiles. But how about stashing hash in a surfboard? Totally happened.

Sometimes the most creative ways people have hidden their weed graces them from a higher power. Take for instance this marijuana-stuffed Jesus statue. Blasphemous? Maybe. But extra creative points for bringing together Jesus and Mary (Jane).

Creative Containers for Concealing Cannabis

The Most Creative Ways People Have Hidden Their Weed

But most people won’t try to move kilos of green. Usually, they just aim to store their personal stash out of sight. Whether keeping it safe until a later date or hiding it in a hurry, sometimes one has to get creative with whatever is lying around.

Needing to think on his feet, a McDonald’s employee stowed his marijuana quickly while on a shift. Unfortunately, the Happy Meal he hid his pipe and pot in ended up in the hands of an eight-year-old. The paraphernalia certainly wasn’t the toy she had been hoping to get with her chicken nuggets.

Of course, toys have been inventive spots for hiding marijuana too. A mother purchased the “Smart Shots Sports Center” from Walmart on clearance as an Easter present for her daughter.

But upon assembly, the little plastic bags she thought would have parts for assembly actually contained cannabis. Regrettably, someone’s creative hiding place accidentally got returned with goodie still left inside.

True art asks the viewer to look deeper. That’s what a painting did at an art auction when its purchaser found marijuana hidden inside of it. Who said that some the most creative ways people have hidden their weed couldn’t have class?

Hiding Weed On the Body

The Most Creative Ways People Have Hidden Their Weed

Even a state like California with legal bud, Coachella will not be allowing in marijuana. So the need to be imaginative about how to sneak in a little green still plagues the masses even in pot utopias.

Sure, thick hair makes a secret spot for stowing spliffs and joints. But the body is a site for exploration when looking for the most creative ways people have hidden their weed.

Hiding the stink of marijuana is often the toughest task of keeping it hidden. Innovative items like smell-masking designer purses give some creative options to wear on the body. But few pockets compare to what the body naturally offers for stealthy storage.

Of course “nature’s pocket” on a woman has long provided a cozy home for concealing cannabis. The poop chute too trends as a popular place to put marijuana as well as other drugs for safe keeping.

But the most creative use what their mama gave them. Belly chuckles aside, fat rolls give some people a special nook for marijuana not everyone would think to take advantage of. Gross? Oh yes. But it’s hard to deny the idea isn’t creative and resourceful.

Final Hit: The Most Creative Ways People Have Hidden Their Weed

Sometimes hiding marijuana requires taking a more inventive approach. Certainly, sometimes those novel methods fail to keep the stash hidden. And it’s a whole other ballgame when you’re trying to hide growing weed. But weed connoisseurs everywhere may never cease the search for the most creative spot for stowing pot.

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