Nine Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

Do filmmakers who smoked weed outnumber the ones who never have? Probably. Here are nine filmmakers who get down with the ganj.
9 Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

9. Seth MacFarlane

9 Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

It would be weirder if the comedy prodigy behind Family Guy and Ted didn’t smoke weed. Seth MacFarlane came to prominence with controversial animated show Family Guy. Its success made MacFarlane the youngest executive producer in TV history.

Seth MacFarlane did so well so young because he understands his viewer.

In an interview with USA Today, MacFarlane describes his audience as “a college guy who has just smoked a huge bowl. We hope at this point that it’s expanded beyond that, but we love those people.”

MacFarlane makes our list of filmmakers who smoked weed because he specifically appeals to the 420 friendly.

And they love him back. In 2012, MacFarlane wrote and directed Ted, which was hugely successful. It even features a crass pot-smoking teddy bear.

Final Hit: 9 Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

From Oliver Stone to Danny Devito, many of the greatest directors smoke weed, write about weed and find their creativity with weed. And we can’t blame them: Nothing inspires comedy or political conspiracy theories more than a bong hit (or two).

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