The High Priestess: What to Smoke For Spring

This Spring Equinox is going to be lit.
The High Priestess: What to Smoke For Spring
Alexandra Herstik

Editors Note: High Times is thrilled to present our newest bi-weekly column The High Priestess. Written by author and practitioner of magick, Gabriela Herstik, this column will explore the relationship and intersections of cannabis, witchcraft, sex, wellness, and everything in between. At High Times, we strive to keep our minds and our hearts open while centering and uplifting those whose views and practices have traditionally been denied a platform and excluded from the discussion. After all, what is the cannabis space if not inclusive? 

On Wednesday, March 20, we’re greeted with a Full Moon, a new season (SPRING!) and the Astrological New Year. The Spring Equinox marks the transition from winter to spring, and the Astrological New Year, the move from watery Pisces season (the last sign of the zodiac) to fiery Aries season (the first sign of the zodiac). Day and night are equal lengths on the equinox, and we’re officially a few short months away from the longest day of the year on the Solstice. Plus, we have a Full Moon in air sign Libra, the sign of the scales. This sign is ruled by the planet Venus, so it’s all about pleasure and victory, justice and beauty.

And yes, Mercury is retrograde right now, so if you’re feeling any sort of anything right now, you’re not alone.

After a long and dreary winter, Spring marks a return to the light, to the sun, to the warmth. Even if it’s still dark and cold right now, we know summer is closer than it seems. Many of us are feeling called back into ourselves, into the energy of expansion and freedom that Spring invites us into.

Florals for spring aren’t groundbreaking, and neither is smoking herbal blends. But there’s just something about working with herbs and cannabis together that feels so right and potent for the current astrology and energy. So, that’s what this column is about.

If you’ve been inspired to try mixing different herbs with your cannabis, I’ll be sharing four of my favorite herbs and how you can work with them this Full Moon and Spring. I only smoke organic herbs and I buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs. Try adding a pinch of the herb to whatever cannabis you’re smoking, and then play around with different blends to figure out what you like. Get creative!

Please do your homework before smoking any herbs if you’re on any medications!

The High Priestess: What to Smoke For Spring
Alexandra Herstik

Smoke to Relax and Heal: Lavender

Lavender is one of the most relaxing herbs out there, and chances are you’re already familiar with its sweet and soothing aroma. The lavender plant is veiled in mystic lore, and can be used in magick for healing, protection, and divination.

Ruled over by the planet Mercury, lavender is perfect to smoke during Mercury Retrograde (Rx). This is when it looks like the planet is spinning backwards, causing communication, technology, and travel (what Mercury rules over) to go haywire. During this time exes come back, travel can become tricky, and we’re discouraged to sign contracts.

But what this really means is that we have the chance to slow down, get really clear and precise, and surrender. It can be hard, and thankfully lavender and cannabis can help us do to the dirty work of surviving Retrograde with some compassion and tenderness.

The key is to expect the unexpected and also to smoke some lavender the next time you smoke your weed. This is one of my favorite herbs to blend into a joint— I love the slight taste and how it helps me to unwind and chill.

Smoke to Tap into the Warmth of the Sun: Chamomile

Chamomile is ruled by the sun, and it’s a perfect addition to your favorite strain if you want to tap into some warmth and light. This sweet herb can help reduce anxiety and release tension, and although it can be used to melt us into sleep (especially when mixed with some Indica,) chamomile is delightful during the day because it’s so joyous and warm. It brings the energy of the sun, which can feel deliciously soothing when it’s cloudy or gross outside.

Chamomile is also an herb of abundance and can help us manifest wealth. So if you’re looking to bring in some more money this spring, focus on what you want to grow as you smoke, exhaling an offering of chamomile to the universe for its help. Chamomile was a particularly delightful discovery–it has a very ethereal high that makes me laugh a lot. It’s a good herb to smoke if you need a pick me up and to invite some play into your life!

Smoke to Tap into Your Intuition and the Full Moon: Mugwort

If you’re looking to tap into your inner witch, then smoking some Mugwort may be the weed-witch way to go. Ruled by the planet Venus, Mugwort is used for clairvoyance, protection, and as a way to tap into intuition and psychic abilities.

The Full Moon is the energetic climax of the month–when all magical working is supported and our intuition is heightened and  “plugged in” to the cosmic energy matrix around us.

This Full Moon is in Libra, which is also ruled by Venus. So if you’re looking to ride the wave of the mystical, or if you’re looking to connect with your inner love goddess–or even Venus herself– then add some Mugwort to whatever it is you’re smoking!

Mugwort creates a really interesting high that, for me, is both in my body and my head. It makes me more receptive to the energy around me, and it definitely adds a different dimension to the high.

Try smoking some Mugwort on the Full Moon as you visualize the white light of the moon’s rays moving through your body as you inhale and leaving your body as you exhale. You can also smoke mugwort in a ritual setting, dedicating it as an offering to the Full Moon and Venus.

To Tap into Love and Your Heart: Rose

Another Venus-ruled herb, roses are well-known to be the love flower. You really can’t escape it and, honestly, why would you want to? Smoking roses can feel luxurious, the fragrance and taste adding sensual magnitude to a smoke sesh.

Fridays are ruled by Venus, and it’s an auspicious day to smoke some roses. And the Full Moon in Libra would also be a perfect time to mix some rose petals into your cannabis.

I find that smoking roses helps me relax and open up myself to others without expectations. It helps foster the energy of unconditional love which can feel like a really beautiful and necessary thing, especially as we move into spring and an energy of sensuality, romance, and love.

Even if the wooing your doing is to yourself, you can still bask in the essence of love and enjoy it for all its worth. Smoke rose petals if you’re looking to claim more pleasure and passion in your life. You can also visualize a bright pink light surrounding you and moving in and out of your lungs as you smoke this herb to help further draw in this flower’s energy.

To Smoke for the Full Moon in Libra: Cannabis, Rose, and Mugwort

If you wanna get freaky this Full Moon, roll a joint with some rose and mugwort and pray to the goddess of love. If you like having sex or masturbating when you’re stoned, there’s no better time to do it than under the Full Moon, and there’s no better blend than cannabis, rose, and mugwort to take you there. If you’re looking to reconnect with your sexuality, or to honor yourself, your heart, your beauty– I invite you to go for it.

Decide on an intention for your sex magick ritual (whether it’s connecting to your heart, beauty, sexuality, or partner) and then create a space that speaks to you by putting on music, lighting incense and candles, dimming the lights…etc. As you smoke this mix, envision yourself surrounded by a vibrant pink light. Feel this connection sensually and meld with the energies of rose; and intertwine to the internal wisdom mugwort offers you. You may wish to call on the energy of Venus or the Full Moon as well.

Then masturbate or have sex. Take it slow, enjoy the process and continue connecting to your breath. As you climax, hold your intention and envision sending energy up through the crown of your head into the universe. Use the afterglow to continue sending energy to your intention. And when you’re done, thank the universe, Venus (or whoever you called on ), and these sacred herbs for the experience. I always recommend recording any thoughts, visions, insights, or feelings for future unraveling and processing.

To Smoke for the Spring Equinox: Cannabis, Lavender, and Chamomile

The Equinox is when day and night even out, and in Spring it means the approach of summer– the return of passion and the fullest power of the sun. For those of us who want to tap into the bright energy of the Spring Equinox and Aries season, smoking cannabis, lavender, and chamomile may be a good option!

This healing high has notes of joy and expansion, and can help us open up to spring while easing any nervousness or anxiety we have about what’s to come. And if Retrograde has been overwhelming, this blend can act as an offering, helping you ease into whatever this new season will bring.

If you still have the winter blues, this mix can help take the edge off; acting as a personal sun to help you navigate the last of the season. Smoke this blend under the sun as you call on his power and envision golden rays cleansing you of anything you no longer need. As you exhale, envision any unnecessary baggage from winter melting away. So it is!

The High Priestess: What to Smoke For Spring
Alexandra Herstik

The wonderful world of smokable herbs is vast and bright, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. May this guide lead you into your own discovery of what you do and don’t like to smoke! There will be more of these, depending on the astrology, what I’m smoking, and what I feel like writing about, so keep an eye out.

Until then, enjoy the Full Moon, the Spring Equinox and the Astrological New Year! And don’t forget to support Insight Garden Program, a California-based non-profit that uses gardening and landscaping as a vehicle to transform prisoners’ lives through connection to nature.

They’re doing extremely important work, using mindfulness and nature as a path to break the cycle of prisoners who leave the system only to return because they’re not given the skills and tools needed to thrive in the free world.

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