High Times TV Premieres WILSON’s “Fuck Up My High” Music Video

We caught up with the band and talked to them about the van featured in the video, Zkittlez hybrid strain, and safety meetings
High Times TV Premieres WILSON's "Fuck Up My High" Music Video
Courtesy of WILSON

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day Hallmark decided to dedicate to love, cards, flowers, and candy. But what about the people who’ve fallen out of love and would rather upchuck at the sight of Instagrammable displays of affection? Never fear: WILSON, a five-piece alt-rock group from Michigan, is unabashedly here for you. And they’ve crafted the most poetic anti-Valentine’s Day song called “Fuck Up My High” to help people transcend the smorgasbord of feelings after getting out of a less than ideal relationship.

High Times caught up with the band to talk to them about the inspiration for the song and video, being a cannabis user in a relationship with an anti-weed person, and how to navigate the troll-ridden world in which we live.

High Times: What inspired the creation of this song? Was there a specific incident? If so, please tell us about it:

Wilson: The song is inspired by a past toxic relationship of mine. Where both figuratively and VERY literally my high was consistently fucked up. Every time I was on fire about something, there she would be to throw water on it. Her being a “sober” human and me being into cannabis, didn’t make life easy. I would always catch hell whenever she could tell I was “on the reefer.” You know those kids in life that like to pop bubbles just to see another kid cry? Yea…That’s her. 

High Times: Tell us about what inspired the video.

Heavy Grass and I had this idea to collaborate creatively on something specifically for this song. Those talks ended up giving us a vision that had me going around Los Angeles in the back of their bitchin’ van, “Cash Cab” style to uplift peoples days with some fuckery …WILSON’s specialty!

Where did you get that sweet van?

It’s Heavy Grass’s company mascot. They named it Axl Rhodes! How dope, right?!

Did you smoke weed during the making of this video? If so, what strain?

Duh! A sativa hybrid from Heavy Grass called Watermelon Zkittlez. It’s so tasty! And perfect for enjoying a day of karaoke debauchery.

Do you guys use cannabis? Do you mind going into your relationship with cannabis a bit?

WILSON is a very pro-cannabis band. We all enjoy the mental and physical benefits that it provides us. From celebrating our home state of Michigan becoming the 1st in the Midwest to legalize it recreationally, to ailing both physical pains from touring and the mental pains of boredom on the road. We are always planning our next “safety meeting.”

(a.k.a moments to consume together)

We live in a troll-heavy world these days. I feel like the sentiment of this song is dedicated to them?

100 percent. Our motto is “Keep it real, fuck the haters!”It’s fun to create art and see what kind of sour pusses are out there to try and “fuck up our high.” A deep dive into the core of the song looks at the ultimate trolls in our lives, our loved ones, but the surface very much adapts itself to the daily trifling fucks we all encounter. Them trolls who are literally put in our way as a tool to build our souls up even stronger! Carry that PMA all the way to the grave and life should be breezy. 

P.s. Don’t Fuck Up My High, you dick!

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