Enjoy the Benefits of CBD at Hotels Across America

Experience non-psychoactive, stress-free accommodations across America
Enjoy the Benefits of CBD at Hotels Across America

There’s no getting away from the worldwide CBD craze. It’s permeated a number of industries outside of cannabis, from beauty and cosmetics to travel and accommodations. Hotels across the country have embraced the trend by offering an array of CBD products and services to their patrons as a wink and nod to the possibility of federal legalization.

But the days edibles in hotel minibars are still years away. Until then, though, these are some of the places that are happy to offer a totally legal way to tune in, chill out, and relax without getting stoned—or getting kicked out.

The James New York Hotel – NoMad

Andrea Drummer, Le Cordon Bleu graduate and cannabis chef, is responsible for curating this hotel’s CBD-infused menu. It features a variety of CBD-infused foods, snacks, and personal care products that can be delivered straight to your room. You can indulge in the multi-course tasting menu, freshen up with some lavender or vanilla CBD soap, or stay hydrated and chill with CBD water. There are even dog treats on the menu for people who travel with their furry travel buddies. Talk about luxury!

St. Regis San Francisco

The aptly-named “Love and Haight” CBD-infused massage at this luxury five-star hotel might be worth the splurge. Admittedly, it’s on the pricey side with an hour massage costing $275 and 90 minutes landing at a whopping $350. But if you’re looking for a serene, upscale experience in a posh facility with breathtaking views of San Francisco, then it’s totally worth it. Plus, if you time your massage just right, you might be able to drop into one of the dispensaries in the area and get a THC treat to help enhance the CBD-massage experience.

Standard Hotel

This boutique hotel teamed up with Los Angeles luxury brand Lord Jones to offer CBD products in their L.A., New York, and Miami Beach locations. The minibar in every room comes stocked with the standard hotel staples, which now includes Lord Jones’ delectable CBD-infused gum drops. The Standard also offers the Pain and Wellness Formula body lotion to help guests with general aches and discomfort. They also have plans to open the very first hotel dispensary at their Hollywood location, so you can enjoy the spectrum of the cannabinoid world.

Williamsburg Hotel

After you settle in your room, you can mosey down to Harvey, the Williamsburg Hotel restaurant, for a CBD-infused cocktail. It’s called “If You Like Piña Colada” and is made with Kikori Japanese rice whiskey, CBD-infused Singani 63, coconut, lime and pineapple juice. It can help relax the mind and body after a busy day. It can also ease some anxiety if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.

St. Julien Hotel

This Boulder, Colorado-based hotel has a 10,000 square foot, award-winning day spa that offers a few different CBD massages to reduce pain and inflammation. Their “Colorado Bliss CBD Treatments” menu includes a classic and deep tissue massage, and a scrub/wrap/massage combo that includes a complimentary cup of CBD tea. They also have a sauna, steam room, pool, fitness room and other services to help guests unwind.

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