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25 Inspirational Quotes About Weed

From Louisa May Alcott to Hunter S. Thompson, over the years, many have waxed lyrical about the herb.



Looking for a place to turn for some infinite wisdom? Maybe some words that touch on the holiest of subjects, the green goddess Ganja? Look no further. This list of quotations might serve as brilliant and motivational as that poster on the wall of a high school biology classroom that showed a long empty road with the word “DETERMINATION” written under it. Or maybe it will be funny weed quotes. Either way, here are 25 inspirational quotes about weed to lift your high even higher.

25 Inspirational Quotes About Weed

David Shankbone/ Wikimedia Commons

“Of course I know how to roll a joint.” –Martha Stewart /TV personality, writer, business professional

Renaissance woman Martha Stewart can jerry-rig a napkin holder from twine and grass she found out near her summer home in Cape Cod. Of course the formerly incarcerated woman can roll up a J.

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