Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #23: The Greatest Ever

More on the best weed available right now, as curated by our VP of Content. This month’s list features Terphogz, Jell-O, SMKRS, Dans Roll Ups, Trapis Designs, and more!

I’m late again. This was slated to rock at the end of April but you know, 4/20 happens. It’s worth noting that NYC was incredible, and I already miss the city. Washington Square Park was a zoo, you literally couldn’t fit any more people in it, trappers from both coasts were everywhere, and none of us got arrested. What more could we ask for? Also gotta give a quick shout to the gang at Talking Terps – that art show in Brooklyn was next level, and I can’t wait for the next one. Excited to come back home real soon!

Anyway, let’s get back to it. While it’s starting to get nicer across the country, life is admittedly still feeling a bit blue. Maybe it’s the impending world war, or the fact that everything is like 3x as expensive as it was last year, but chronic prices are stable so here’s the heat you need to quell those doobie downers.

As always, let me know if there’s some heat I need to see. I’ll be at HOF this week and Green Street Festival next, let’s smell some flowers together.

The Cure Company – Papaya

Courtesy of The Cure Company

I know a dozen of you are going to DM me about this, but the Cure Company’s new Papaya cut is EXACTLY what I’m talking about when I ask for daytime strains. I know it’s historically an ‘indica’ in most OG’s minds, but you all know that’s a misnomer for effect classification so let’s not argue about it and just hear me: if you’ve got some shit to do, this one’s for you. With a delicious fruity and citrusy nose, most experienced heads will know upon cracking the jar this one’s going to have an uplifting high and likely creativity steroids built in. Turns out that’s an accurate assumption, so maybe it’s just mine, but I have a feeling you’ll vibe with it too. In fact, that’s what I smoked before writing this, so you tell me if I seem like I’m in a good space right now.

Puffco – Cupsy

Courtesy of Puffco

If anything is clear from Puffco’s history of innovation in our culture, it’s that their team can make anything more discreet, and more convenient, for its consumers. As we saw with their pens, and eventually the peak, thoughtful design can simplify even the most complex, lowering the barrier to entry and creating enjoyable experiences for even the most novice. Their latest continues the brand’s legacy, evolving the standard coffee cup into a fully functional (and frankly fun to use) little bong. If you’re familiar with their Budsy, this is the next evolution of what they were doing there, but instead of a water bottle, now you can make any standard size cup a bong at your convenience – though I wouldn’t drink the coffee or water anymore after your sesh!

Terphogz – Original Z

Courtesy of Terphogz

I’ve sung praises to Zkittles countless times in this list, but as big of a fan as I am, it’s hard for even me to find Original Z anymore. While everyone and their brother has done their best to rip it off, or call their cubed cut original, the only people I REALLY trust when it comes to Z are its creators, Fieldz and Tony. While this obviously isn’t a new drop, I was fortunate enough to catch up with Fieldz in NYC around the 4/20 celebrations and he blessed me with some of the classic from his stash. I gotta say, it’s even better than I remembered. In one of my last lists I celebrated the return of Z season, and while I’m excited about everyone playing with the genetics and trying to evolve what many consider to be the best, it’s nearly impossible to beat the original, and I’m very glad to see some fresh indoor is floating around again.

SMKRS – Shirazi

Courtesy of SMKRS

I’ve been following SMKRS for awhile now, but I just got my first taste of their products about two weeks ago, right before I left for NYC. While I was immediately turned on by the attractive branding and mylar, it was the flower inside that’s actually worth bragging about. A sister to the incredibly popular RS-11 that made headlines over the past few years, the Shirazi is SMKRS keeper from that hunt, and it’s a doozy. Bred by Deep East, it’s easy to see why SMKRS has built the infrastructure he has around this new cut before dropping it – it’s going to make noise. With the photogenic nature of the 11 but a candier nose, I felt a bit more awake from this one than I did its sister plant, making it an easy keeper in my book!

Doja Pak – Permanent Marker

Courtesy of Doja Pak

Speaking of RS, there’s another new cut from the gang that popularized the 11 that y’all should know about. Leaning more towards the gas that moves the market, Doja Pak’s Permanent Marker, bred by Seed Junky Genetics, is one that’s already making noise across the country despite only being around a few months. No joke, heads were asking me about this in NYC on the street, and paying trappers $80/eighth for it, while just out of sight Doja gave away probably close to an LB to his adoring crowd. I’ve said it before but there are few cultural characters as integrated into the space as Doja, and none of them are investing in its growth and celebration like him. I’m rocking this daily early evening right now. It mellows me out from the day just enough without making me drowsy, and the flavor is *chefs kiss*


Courtesy of BTY

While it’s hard to beat the Original Z, there’s another notable cut floating around right now that’s worthy of your weed money. Coming from BTY, whose Fresca was a call out in my list at the end of last year, if you’re into the fruity varietals you’ll want to check this out. Judging by the bud structure this is likely closer to a Z3, but boy do you feel, and TASTE it, with this one. Y’all know my flavor preferences lean more toward delicious than diesel, and this one’s true to the OG’s tang. That sweet candy flavor rocks all the way through.

710Labs – Randy Watzon

No matter how hard I try not to write about the same people all the time, there are a few kingpins that I just can’t avoid. One of those, and ones that can seemingly do no wrong, is 710 Labs. As you’ve undoubtedly read my glowing reviews of their brand in the past, let me get straight to the point here: their Randy Watzon is something extra special. With a gassy / piney nose that translates into a palate stainer, there’s something both classic and fresh about this flavor, which leads me to believe both the trap and the dead fam will love it equally. A cross of Wedding Crashers to Runtz, the child does justice to both parents’ vibrant aroma and sticky buds, and in true 710 Labs fashion, it’s going to look like the best weed you’ve ever seen.

Dan’s Roll Ups

Courtesy of Dan’s Roll Ups

I should start this by letting you know right off the bat this is going to be a hard find. When we talk about the most in demand yet impossible to access products in the traditional market, few measure up against Dan’s Roll Ups. I’ve hesitated even including this in the list as they’re so small batch, and bc your favorite plugs buy up the entire supply as soon as they become available, but Dan deserves his shine. Consistently creating the hyphiest of collab donuts (think west coast alchemy hash with khashtree mason flower), what impresses me most about Dan is how he maintains his relationships and ensures his regular consumers stay stocked. You see, you can’t just order from Dan. His products are only available to an exclusive set of distributors who possess one of his ‘golden tickets’ (and as mentioned most are lost to head stash). That said, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re lucky enough to hit one of Dan’s Rolls, let alone buy one for yourself, savor that smoke! Also, post it on IG – your trap friends will be jealous.

Trapis Rolls / Designs

Courtesy of Trapis Designs

Speaking of bomb rolls, I’ve gotta give a shout out to my guy Travis. Astor Club brought him out to NYC to roll them blunts for their events over the 4/20 week (affectionately dubbed Trapis Rolls), and I gotta say, these things were the best weed cigars I’ve ever smoked, by like a mile. He was doing hash holes too, but that 3 gram blunt will go down as my most desired baller smoke. But that’s not all, Travis is ALSO a tie dye wizard! For real, check out Trapis Designs and tell me that’s not fire. You can’t do it. Now while I’d love to bring my guy more business, his shit also flies off the shelf every time he drops, so do me a favor and shoot me a DM before you buy to make sure I had time to cop some heat too!! Please & thank you 🙂

Lemon Perfect

Courtesy of Lemon Perfect

This one comes courtesy of my friends at Who Has it? I’ll admit, I’m not one who typically worries about calories or sugars (in fact, I celebrate sugar), but as everyone in my life has been gently encouraging me to put down the soda, I’ve been exploring other less delicious options. When I got Lemon Perfect in my new box it seemed kismet, and let me tell you, it was. I’ve been affectionately calling it Beyoncé water since trying it (as a play on the fact that she actually just announced an investment into the brand last week) and honestly, it feels like an accurate descriptor. Full of flavor and without any of the unnecessary extras, Lemon Perfect is the first actually healthy beverage (besides Liquid Death, of course) that I actually WANT to drink.

Bonus: Jell-O Pudding Cups Unwrapped

Courtesy of Jell-O

Okay so this one’s a bonus but you know I couldn’t just diss sugar like that and not immediately follow it up with something to get your tastebuds smackin in an unhealthy way… Did y’all know Jell-O makes candies now? I copped these in the airport on my way back from NYC so while I’m not sure they can exactly be considered exotic, I’ve never seen them before, so you know I had to tap way the hell in. Now, having tried them: DAWG, they put pudding into a chocolate truffle. It’s WILD. They’re like bite-sized pudding cups, and they’re incredible. I am ALL THE WAY on board here. Not only that, but they made Jell-O gummies. JELL. O. Gummies. I haven’t eaten those yet bc I feel like I need to save them for a special occasion, or until I find a reup, but I’ll be sure to report back when I do. Until then, find these.

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