Song Premiere: Mystic Revealers’ “Legalize The Weed | International Remix”

After a 15 year music hiatus, the legendary Jamaican band Mystic Revealers are back!

The group released a new album “Crucial Cuts” this year, as well as a new single called “Herb Must Legalize Now,” featuring Chronixx—but that’s not all! The Mystic Revealers have teamed up with artists across the globe who support ganja to release the supergroup remix “Legalize The Weed | International Remix,” and High Times has the exclusive premiere.

“Since time immemorial the healing properties of cannabis have been recorded and it has been used in the traditional treatment of countless ailments for generations,” Billy Mystic, lead singer of Mystic Revealers, explained. “Today huge medical corporations race to copy-rite various designer strains of the plant and their genetic codes while the common man is deemed a criminal and scourge of the society because he chooses to smoke a spliff or drink a cup of tea?! Free The Weed…Herb Must Legalize Now!”

So light up and listen! “Crucial Cuts” is available for purchase on iTunes, and make sure to follow the Mystic Revealers on Facebook and Instagram.

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