Provocative Pipes: Gorgeous Glass Pieces That Cost A Pretty Penny

Functional art, especially when the function involves burning your best herb, is the best art.

Grey Space Art in SoHo, New York recently opened a splendorous exhibit of some the world’s best glass pipes. The gallery specializes in “artists daring enough to be labeled as radical, subversive and rebellious.” Among the virtuoso rebels in this lineup are Robert Mickelsen, Zach Jorgenson, Scott Deppe and other stars in the glass firmament.

Currently presented at “Mr. Grey’s” private King Street townhouse,
 Functional Glass Art will have a limited run before the collection moves on to other cities in the U.S. and beyond.

These ultrafine works of art are as gorgeous and provocative as they are dear. Prices vary across five figures, with the most expensive piece—“Sedna,” by Banjo and Joe Peters—tagged at a cool $300,000. Truly for someone with money to burn.

For more more info, visit Grey Space Art. Select pieces will be available via

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