The Best Holidays For Weed

Which holidays are the best to smoke up on? Here are a few to consider.

It’s no secret that 4/20 is considered the ultimate in weed holidays. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the only holiday us weed-lovers can effectively toke up. There are plenty of holidays that can totally be marijuana holidays if that’s what you’re into. Let’s take a look at some of the best weed holidays.



Halloween is a relative no-brainer for marijuana holidays. Halloween just isn’t as scary as it used to be, so smoking one of these strains to get you nice and spooked will bring you back to the days where even the corniest of horror movies would make you afraid of your own shadow. And of course, once you’re nice and toasty, you’ll have a pretty swift case of the munchies—perfect for devouring candy like it’s your day job.

Memorial Day

Sure Memorial Day is pretty much synonymous with getting drunk, but sometimes a relaxing weed high is just better. Or, better yet, there’s always the opportunity to get twisted. You might want to try a nice sativa, as opposed to an indica, so you’ll be buzzing all day long (for reference, try one of these strains for a nice daytime high). Plus, you’ll be extra thankful for all that barbeque food once you’re stoned as hell.


Another easy one, in terms of weed holidays. When you’re all hungover after Thanksgiving-eve festivities, you’re going to need an extra boost to get that A+ appetite back. Which better way than to smoke a strain known for its knack for giving you the munchies? Even if you’re not totally hungover, you don’t want to get shown up in an eating contest by your obnoxious uncle, do you? Either way, pot always makes food better, and that goes double for Thanksgiving.



Christmas is another holiday about giving—and receiving. Let’s just say receiving some fire buds would be a great way to celebrate Christmas next year. Getting baked and watching Christmas movies sounds like our idea of some wholesome Christmas cheer. Plus, it’s another holiday that features a diverse array food and baked goods, so getting the munchies would be ideal—especially if you don’t want that many leftovers.

Just make sure you don’t eat all of Santa’s cookies…


If you don’t celebrate Christmas, well, just smoke weed for Hanukkah! This way, you get eight special occasions to toke up, as opposed to one (as if we needed any extra incentive to get stoned). Also getting an eighth of weed for every night of Hanukkah would eventually give you an entire ounce, so there’s that.

Just a suggestion, ’tis all.

New Years Day

Note: we are not talking about New Year’s Eve here. This is actual New Year’s Day!

And it’s definitely one of the best weed holidays.

Sure, you can toke up a little on NYE, but that’s not necessarily the best holiday to do it. New Years Day, however, is another story. Most of us are going to be pretty hungover on January 1st, so what better remedy is there to cure a hangover than some good old-fashioned ganja? Plus, you can sit and reflect on all the stupid stuff you did the night before. Or even contemplate what this year’s New Year’s resolution is going to be. Really, it’s a win-win! (sort of).


The Fourth of July

This is another holiday typically associated with drinking, but, uh have you ever been to work on July 5th?

Yeah, exactly.

If the fourth of July falls on a weekday, sometimes smoking weed is just a better idea. Again, smoke a nice strain that will give you a euphoric, daytime high, and it will give you a chance to be social, while not drinking yourself into a nightmare situation. And let’s not forget how freaking awesome fireworks look when you’re stoned…ah, the beauty of marijuana holidays.

Your Birthday!

Well, this might not technically be a holiday, but it is for you! If you’re over the getting hammered/party scene every single birthday, why not mellow out with some weed? And just to be punny, make sure you can get your hands on some Birthday Cake weed. Or better yet, make your actual birthday cake into an edible. This way, everyone can get in on the fun. Just try not to dose that one friend that gets too paranoid to smoke.

Did we miss any marijuana holidays? If so, feel free to drop a suggestion in the comment section!

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