The Cons 2019 Highlights Power Of Overlapping Industries And Vertical Integration

Blending the worlds of ink, cannabis, and social media models, the Cons focuses on the overlap of three major industries in one massive event.
The Cons 2019 Highlights Power Of Overlapping Industries And Vertical Integration
Courtesy of the Cons

Fans of tattoos, models, and weed will be able to spend the last four days in May networking poolside at the SLS Hotel in Miami, as the Cons (co-founded by Clinton Cox and Stacey Havoc) returns to South Beach for their 2nd annual hybrid event, uniting brands from three different industries for a fun and innovative show.

With an expected attendance of more than 4,000, the alternative lifestyle convention which consists of a Cam Con, an Ink Con, and a Cannabis Con, is hoping to follow up last year’s success, by returning with an impressive lineup of panelists, vendors, and an extra day that includes the show’s first ever comedy night.

What started out six years ago as an alternative modeling convention known as the Cam Con—which brought out the industry’s top social media models, fans and aspiring models for an opportunity to build relationships and network with top brands like Camsoda has grown into a successful forum that’s expanded seamlessly into the ink and cannabis markets. 

The Cons 2019 Highlights Power Of Overlapping Industries And Vertical Integration
Courtesy of the Cons

“When we started our show six years ago, it was only for web and social media models,” Clinton tells High Times in a phone interview. “As inked culture and cannabis legislation started to evolve and become mainstream, it made absolute sense to combine these three overlapping lifestyles. Needless to say, it was a massive success and this year’s show will be even more special.”

Since Florida now allows the use of medical marijuana throughout the state, the cannabis facet of the convention is projected to double in size.

“What’s interesting is the cannabis sector is probably going to be bigger than ink and alternative modeling within the next two years,” Clinton says. “It’s that huge.”

This ultimately allows Cannabis Con to use their platform to offer advice and educate the South Beach community about the burgeoning herbal industry. Panels of experts (like Dr. Sue Sisley) will be covering topics ranging from the new medical marijuana law in Florida, to how media influences the portrayal of cannabis, to how CBD is a healthier alternative to western medicine.

“On the cannabis side we have [panelists that include] federally certified doctors, pro athletes, politicians, lawyers. When we booked the seminars, the goal was to have some real nutritious talks,” Clinton says. “We have real people so that if anybody wants to learn [they] can learn a lot.”

The Cons 2019 Highlights Power Of Overlapping Industries And Vertical Integration
Courtesy of the Cons

Although attendees can’t buy THC-infused products, they will be able to get prescriptions from onsite doctors and have the option to purchase or learn about CBD and other products from companies like Nug Brand, Beauty of CBD, Kush Life, and Green Roads.

“A lot of THC brands have a CBD line,” Clinton says. “CBD is massive, the Veterans are using it to medicate, also Sue Sisley is there, she has a federal license to prescribe THC.”

The Cannabis Con isn’t just about trying new products and learning about the benefits of cannabis. Rather, the goal is to promote vertical integration within the cannabis industry as more and more states are lifting the restrictions on medicinal and recreational use.

“To me, the cannabis game is brand new,” says Clinton. “All these states that are recreational have a presence at our show because we’re already medicinal. So, I just think a savvy business in a recreational state should start getting recognition in medicinal states, so when those states hit recreational, they go vertical.”

The Cons event takes place May 29-31, 2019, in South Beach, Florida. For more information and to register for this year’s convention, visit their website.

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