The Non-Toxic Way To Clean Your Quartz Nails

The Non-Toxic Way To Clean Your Quartz Nails
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If you spent your hard earned dollars on one of the best quartz bangers, you’ll want to keep it as fresh as can be. Most people think the Q-tip technique is good enough. However, there’s usually a barely visible layer of oil left behind—even after swabbing with several Q-tips. Cleaning solutions can help, but you’ll want a non-toxic way to clean your quartz nails.

The Solution is Clear

Solely relying on the Q-tipping technique will age your quartz banger sooner than later.

On the next dab after just Q-tipping, heating the quartz will cause oil to rise and burn black. Then, you’ll have to torch the fuck out of it to get rid of the black mark. Not to mention, burning off remaining residue can stain your quartz. If you keep allowing this to happen, the quartz will fog up, losing transparency, heat retention and time to its overall lifespan.

Certain cleaning solutions and isopropyl alcohol can help ensure no oil is left behind. However, most cleaning solutions are unsafe to use on a quartz banger. Avoid anything toxic for your own safety.

What’s safe for your bong may not be safe for your nail, because nails receive direct heat and the thing you’re consuming has to pass through it.

For example, Grunge Off is a strong chemical cleaner that will leave your bong looking spotless. However, using it on your $200 quartz banger will lead to major regret. In fact, your next 15 dabs will probably taste like straight chemicals, and you may consider tossing the banger out for your own safety.

Fortunately, there’s one cleaning solution that will help keep your banger looking clear as day one without poisoning you. Dark Crystal Clear glass cleaner is made in Canada, and the company claims it’s safe enough to drink.

The ingredients seem innocent enough. It’s all natural, made with: non-chlorinated water, karanja oil, processed coconut extract, processed kelp extract and processed extract of sugar cane.

How To Make Your Quartz Last Longer

Now that you know which cleaning solution to use for your quartz, you can work on the proper technique. Some people finish their dab, then immediately go in with a Q-tip soaked in alcohol or DC crystal glass cleaner.

If the nail is still hot, the solution will vaporize. Any leftover residue will come off, but you’ll be cooling the nail down while it’s hot which can decrease its overall lifespan. You may also see white stains left behind if the solution vaporized away.

The best non-toxic way to clean your quartz nails is to use DC Crystal glass cleaner and a Q-tip when the nail is warm, not hot.

If it’s completely cold, that’s no good either. The Q-tip’s cotton will stick to the oil and come right off. Then, your nail will have what looks like little white hairs that will burn up the next time you heat it.

If you have an e-nail, you can go in with a soaked Q-tip when the temperature reaches about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re using a torch, you should take note of how long it takes until you can introduce the cleaner without it sizzling away. That’s the amount of time you want to wait after each dab before going in with a soaked Q-tip.

If you do this right, you’ll never see oil burn to black while torching. In fact, when using the non-toxic way to clean your quartz nails, months of daily dabs will do nothing to ruin the clarity of your quartz.

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