This Weed Dealer’s Awesome Mass Text Is Going Viral

This Weed Dealer's Awesome Mass Text Is Going Viral

One weed dealer’s awesome mass text is going viral. And once you read it, you’ll understand exactly why.

The Text

The following is a display of a lot of things. Good business practices. Honesty. Responsibility. And of course, a high level of professionalism.

This past Monday, one Twitter user received a mass text message from her regular cannabis merchant meant to inform his clientele of a predicted disruption in his business.

In the text message, this local business owner lets his customers know that he would be taking two personal days. The language is clear, and his tone is nothing short of professional, courteous and friendly. Here’s what the mass text said:

Good evening, happy Monday. Thank you for being a valued customer. This Friday (October 13th) I will be OFF, it is my birthday, and most likely the following Saturday morning recovering. So please leave me alone. I will be on all day till late Thursday night and resume Regular scheduled hustling the following Saturday evening. Thank you for understanding. It is appreciated. (No need to respond to this message)

Well then.

A Close Analysis and Appreciation

There’s a whole lot to unpack and appreciate here.

Let’s start with the fact that this weed dealer is even bothering to inform his clients that he will be absent. Not only does he keep his clients in the loop about the disruption in usual service, he lets them know five days in advance. This allows the recipients to make their planned, scheduled or on-a-whim purchases ahead of time.

No one in need of cannabis is going to have to go without. Not on this guy’s watch!

We also need to appreciate the opening and closing lines in the text. Details, especially in business affairs, matter! You have to love a dealer who includes a nice salutation in a mass text to his clients. Or a salutation at all. It’s not even a careless and casual “sup dooders” at the beginning or “later taters” at the end. It’s professional and mature.

Next, we have the honesty.

It’s nice to know that this guy has enough respect for his clients that he’s honest about the reason for his absence: he wants to party on his birthday. And he knows himself well enough that he predicts that he will need some time the next morning to tend to his impending hangover.

To wrap it all up, the dealer assures the recipients of this text that business will resume as usual the following evening. He even includes an emoji and casual slang, indicating a friendly relationship he maintains with his clients.

Final Hit: This Weed Dealer’s Awesome Mass Text Is Going Viral

We know it might seem like we’re taking the piss here. But we can assure you that we aren’t.

Quite the contrary actually.

This weed dealer’s awesome mass text is going viral for a reason. It’s professional AF! When you consider that there are plenty of dealers who would be content to simply drop off the face of the earth when they need a personal day, it makes you appreciate this guy a whole lot more.

And if you want to go even deeper, consider how many people use weed for medicinal purposes, especially in states where they cannot easily access it. We don’t know how many clients this weed dealer has, but we can bet that at least one is self-medicating with cannabis. Chances are, the sender of this text knows the deal. Not only is he utilizing good business practices, he’s being a responsible quasi-pharmacist*. We’re not saying that this text should be included in business textbooks, but other dealers should definitely take note.

*Your weed dealer is not a pharmacist. Unless they are literally a certified and licensed pharmacist.

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