What’s in Your Stash? Jessica Cadmus, Founder & Creator of Rogue Paq

Jessica Cadmus stores her stash in style.
What’s in Your Stash? Jessica Cadmus, Founder & Creator of Rogue Paq
Courtesy of Jessica Cadmus

Jessica Cadmus grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The third of ten children, she learned a solid work ethic early, cleaning the office building her father managed at the tender age of seven alongside two older brothers who were eight and 10.

“My father is a beautiful human being,” she shared. “With a family of 12, he knew we’d have to learn to make our own way. We were hustlers and we didn’t want a paper route. By the time I was 14 I was working clearing tables at a fine dining restaurant across the street from our house. In college I worked two jobs.”

It was during college that Cadmus began to smoke cannabis on a regular basis, out of necessity.

“Smoking was a survival tool,” she explained. “I tended bar until two in the morning, then had a job at a bagel shop at six, then classes and studying most of the day. Smoking cannabis helped me calm down so I could sleep – that was my main goal, to get some rest so I could get up and do it all over again.”

Courtesy of Jessica Cadmus

After college Cadmus worked in New York City and lived in Brooklyn for 20 years. After marrying and starting a family, she came back to Eastern Pennsylvania to raise her kids with her husband in a stone farmhouse built in 1799. She now commutes to the city where she’s a wardrobe stylist for Manhattan’s elite.

“I have a triple major in communications, political science, and English writing, but ended up in finance,” she said. “After ten years at Goldman Sachs, I’m now styling for partners there, a few managing directors at Morgan Stanley, a number of hedge funds, and actors and models in Los Angeles.”

Becoming a stylist was an evolutionary process that actually began in Catholic school. After having to wear mandatory uniforms daily, Cadmus said she went crazy in college, where she was able to wear whatever she liked.

“I’d shop at second hand stores and dismantle clothes and put them back together again in a new way,” she laughed. “That’s where I began to cull my sense of style.”

She’s referred to as “The Wardrobe Whisperer”. For 12 years, she’s been invited into the homes and closets of some of New York’s finest.

Courtesy of Jessica Cadmus

“Aesthetics are important to me, and my clients are sophisticated, but while going through their closets I’d see their stashes in old pencil cases, Tupperware, and shoe boxes,” she explained. “I just couldn’t let them go around town partaking with others with these rudimentary cases.”

It was during this time that her creation of the Rogue Paq began.

“What they put into their stash was important in designing the Rogue Paq,” she continued. “’What’s in your stash’ is the same question I’d ask my clients in order to help them organize, transport, and store their smoking accoutrements, if you will – in style, with discretion.”

The cases are made with soft, hand-tooled leather, and roll up in the fashion of a classic smoking pouch with scent suppressant compartments. Monograms are a popular option.

Cadmus’ own stash is comprised of three separate Rogue Paqs, one for her pipe, one for a vaporizer, and another for joints.

“I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time curating my stashes!” she exclaimed. “It’s not only imperative that I have a chic vessel to contain my flower and tools, it’s also important to me that they be beautiful and utilitarian. It’s akin to mixing a lovely cocktail and then drinking it from hand-cut crystal. The beauty of it helps be to be mindful, to savor and appreciate the moment.”

Each case holds a black California Crusher grinder and flower in an ultra-violet glass jar – her favorite cultivars being, Silver Lotus by Cannifornia, Grape Kush by 3C Farms, and Stardawg OG by Serra. The smoking pouch also includes a high-end Vianel lighter with a snow leopard pattern trimmed in gold.

Her pipe stash includes a large 22 karat gold Geo pipe in white, with two one hitters made by Stonedware of California.

Courtesy of Jessica Cadmus

Her vape stash holds a gold Pax with room for a charger base and chord. Gold swallow bird scissors are for cutting up flower, with a small brush and vial of alcohol for cleaning.

Joints are Cadmus’ favorite way to smoke and her papers are high-end, made by Devambez, used with glass tips.

“Rogue Paq’s motto is ‘Raise your Ritual,’ and for me, the idea of ritual is personal and important,” she mused. “When I smoke clearly designates the time of day when I can pause, slow myself down, and reflect. Elevating the ritual from that of mindless talk to a fully realized experience. Each time I roll a joint it’s purposeful, because every element is intentional, as I set the stage in a beloved spot, taking my time, and using only tools and products I love.”

Those familiar with using medical hemostats for holding a roach will appreciate Cadmus’ gold hemostats for tamping and roach smoking. This tool is included in her upcoming line of high-end accessories set to launch June of 2019.

Cadmus shared she doesn’t partake every day and doesn’t consider herself a full-fledged cannabis patient, but when she does, is purposeful.

“Being a mother of two young children, a wife, and a working woman, I’m running at top speed every day,” she said. “My priority is spending as much time as I can with my family, but when I can take a break, cannabis helps me to unwind. It’s like a little vacation, or going to a spa. Thankfully, I’m healthy and don’t take any pharmaceuticals – never have. Cannabis may be the reason why, I really don’t know. I do know that it has enriched my life, and now my work.”

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