How To Dab On The Go

Not everyone can stay at home and hover over their daily driver dab rig, but that doesn’t prevent them from staying high with concentrates throughout the day. Sometimes using a torch can be tough, like when you’re out and about or have limited pocket space. Whether you work long hours, have a lot of errands to run or just aren’t going to be home all day, consider these four methods for dabbing on the go.

1. Spill-Proof Rig

If you need a solid dab from glass while you’re mobile, you’ll need something that can be stashed away easily without burning yourself. Spill proof dab rigs come with domes that are a great barrier between the nail and your pocket. Aside from saving your skin, you’ll also have the luxury of filtering your vapor through water without worrying about spilling it in transit. Take your hit through a quartz nail for low temp flavor and quick cool downs, then confidently stash your rig in your pocket before getting on with the rest of your day.

2. Pendy Rig

What’s more inconspicuous than a necklace? If you like taking dabs out of glass while you’re on the go but can’t stash a rig in your pocket, get yourself a pendant (or “pendy”) rig. These wearable water pipes for concentrates come in many different shapes and sizes to suit different people and purposes. Some have magnetic dabbers and domes to allow the user to go hands free when moving and dabbing. Try to find a small quartz or glass nail with a dome to allow heat to transfer quickly when heating up and cooling down.

3. Healthstones

Healthstones are inert ceramic stones that are used through handheld pipes and vapor slides that connect to your bong. To use one of these revolutionary nails, you start by applying your concentrates on top of the stone, much like you would spread dabs across a bowl of flowers. To take your dab, use a triple-flame cigar lighter to vaporize the concentrates, similar to burning a bowl of flowers. The creator behind this fairly new product has been using concentrates since before the creation of dabbing utensils like glass and titanium nails. This invention simulates his vision of the never ending bowl—so you can pay homage to the old school technique of getting high, but with dabs.

4. Roll-uh-Bowl

The Roll-uh-Bowl was designed for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts as the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything waterpipe, and it can be turned into a dab rig very easily. Simply invert the eject-a-bowl, and it becomes the housing for a 14 or 18mm domeless nail! This handy video shows how to make your Roll-uh-Bowl dab friendly!

5. Vape Pen

Vaporizers are a common method for dabbing because they’re inconspicuous, convenient and often the most portable option. The differences between pens are features like adjustable temperatures, different types of atomizers and unique mouthpieces. Having the capability to change your temperature is very important if you’re seeking more taste than vapor production from your vape. Atomizers also help determine the taste and smoothness of your puff depending on the materials and design involved. Sometimes vaporizers will come with special mouthpieces with water filtration or in the shape of a dome to enhance your dabs after they’ve been vaporized. Regardless of which one you go with (Check out our 2015 Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide if you need some help!), most vaporizers are the perfect companion for dabbing on the move.

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