The 12 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle

Seattle has lots and lots of pot. Here are the best marijuana dispensaries in Seattle.
The 10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle
Courtesy of Uncle Ike’s
The 12 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle
Courtesy of Origins West Seattle

Origins West Seattle
West Seattle

Most legal shops divide their flower offerings into three categories: indica, sativa, and hybrid. That makes for an easy way to divide up the market, but these distinctions are increasingly being questioned, with critics saying the terms indica and sativa do little to accurately predict what kind of effects you will get from weed. Origins takes that critical approach to heart and shirks the indica versus sativa paradigm in favor of six different categories, like “adventure” and “after hours,” in the hopes that the categories offer better descriptions of what type of high your weed will leave you with.

Origins also has its own program of certifying each farm they carry, ensuring that every product they sell meets their safety and quality standards. If you’re looking for a store that takes a few extra steps in how they source and present their weed, this might be the shop for you.

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