6 Sexy Cannabis Chocolate Bars

Photo by Damion Lloyd

Versatile, practical and predictable, the advantages of cannabis-infused chocolate are numerous.

It’s shelf-stable and freezes well, homogenizes easily for precise THC doses and it’s flexible for use in a variety of recipes. New cannabis chocolate companies enter the market constantly, each working to distinguish themselves from competitors on dispensary shelves. While pioneering brands such as Bhang, Kiva and Day Dreamers established themselves early as the preeminent cannabis chocolate companies currently enjoying tremendous market share, newcomers offer their own unique interpretations of how to marry cannabis with chocolate to create amazing, tasty bars.

Creating a wonderful synergy when combined with cannabis, cacao could be considered a medicinal super food in its own right. Raw organic cacao contains more antioxidants than blueberries, along with active ingredient theobromine, known as a potent stimulant. Also included in the “food of the gods,” the so-called bliss chemical anandamide contributes to the good vibes contained in pure raw cacao. These effects are the reason why chocolate is traditionally considered to promote the loving feelings that humans associate with romance.

Nibble just 10 milligrams of THC to start, and wait at least two hours before consuming more. You want to enhance a sensual evening, not end up passed out on the couch! Our round-up of new cannabis chocolates reveals the very best options for all kinds of cannabis couples. This Valentine’s Day, give the perfect gift of cannabis chocolate to your sweetheart!
Photo by Justin Cannabis
Photo by Justin Cannabis

For the Discriminating Connoisseur

Beautifully crafted cannabis chocolate made using high-quality ingredients, Defoncé Chocolatier is the brainchild of Eric Eslao, a former Apple producer, and Adam Bramlage, an organic cannabis farmer at Hummingbird Medicinals. Using biodynamic, sun-grown cannabis from a single farm allows Defoncé to ensure consumers of quality, eco-friendly THC extracted using CO2, while single-origin cacao crafted into gourmet flavors pleases the most discerning chocolate connoisseur. Recently partnering with Chong’s Choice to produce a signature line of edibles worthy of Tommy Chong, Defoncé Chocolatier is setting the bar for elegant, euphoric experiences. Dosed at 180 milligrams of THC, each bar is distinctively molded into 10 mg pieces.


For the Canna-Curious Newbie

Perfect for those new to cannabis edibles, gourmet low-dose options from Satori Chocolates will warm up your love life! Sourcing quality ingredients including sought-after Cacao Fino de Aroma infused with cannabis by the master chocolatiers at TCHOSatori Chocolate provides bars and bites in various THC dosage levels, with each small square clearly stamped as containing just 10 mg. Dark or milk chocolate bars are available with either 160 or 90 milligrams of THC divided among 9 to 16 segments, with a higher dose of 240 mg available in milk chocolate. Chocolate-dipped strawberries, cacao beans, coffee beans and almonds come with 140 mg of THC per package, easy to self-titrate at 2 – 3 mg per piece.

For Generous Lovers

Believers in conscious capitalism, the motto of Cannabis 4 Cause is “get one, give one.” For every handcrafted cannabis infused chocolate bar sold, C4C provides funds for one 10 mg dose of cannabis oil intended for a cancer patient in need. Proud to offer a series of chocolate bars made from fair-trade Venezuelan cacao, the flagship product line includes dark chocolate in flavors such as raspberry, sea salt and mint. Made from cacao processed into 1.7-ounce bars, infused with 180 mg of cannabis oil and split into 18 segments of 10 mg each, options include an indica infusion, a sativa infusion and a hybrid blend.
Photo by Matt Jepson

For THC Tantra

Delight the yogi, health foodie or earth mama in your life with these magical, medicinal chocolates. Specializing in raw cannabis chocolate, the high-end creations from Green Cacao Company are low enough on the glycemic index to be considered safe for diabetics. Made almost entirely with organically grown and superfood ingredients, the potent raw cacao used has a “high” of its own due to triggering a significant release of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. Free of agave, sugar, dairy, and naturally gluten-free, with a range of superfood ingredients offering wellness benefits, Green Cacao Company offers a CBD-rich bar with a 1:1 ratio of 40 mg CBD/40 mg THC and Extra-CBD options with 15:1 bars containing 60 mg CBD/4.5 mg THC, as well as Indica and Sativa blends with 60 mg of THC. Embodying conscious values, GCC uses the most eco-friendly packaging in the industry, made with post consumer, biodegradable materials and plant-based cellulose, not plastic.


For Your Latest Crush

When you just can’t get enough of your new lover, send them Obsession Chocolates! Created with pure CO2 oil, these individually wrapped pieces deliver 36 mg THC per ingot for 180 mg per box with no cannabis aftertaste. Available in four flavors, including Meyer lemon, salted butter, peanut butter and Aztec chili, which will really spice up your love life!


For a Balanced Bae

Precisely dosed cannabis chocolate bars with 180 milligrams of THC in 18 segments of 10 mg each, FlavRx offers several different options, including white chocolate lemon and English toffee. High-CBD bars with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD provide a balanced high that comforts while enervating.

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