7 Energizing Cannabis Coffees

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Making a “hippie speedball” is easier than ever before with these blends of THC and caffeine.

There’s something so perfect about combining coffee with cannabis, whether it’s a morning joint smoked along a steaming cup of joe, or a precisely-dosed, cannabinoid-infused drink from one of these ingenious edibles companies. The caffeine gets your body running, but the cannabis removes any jittery, nervous feelings.

Cannabis and coffee are a classic complimentary combination with a rich history that goes all the way back to the infamous “Club des Hashischins” in the 1840s up to comedian Rob Cantrell’s immortal 2009 ode to “Coffee and Weed.” The balanced synergy between pot and coffee sparks creativity and novel ideas, while making mornings easier to deal with, which helps everyone be happier, healthier and more productive.

Get your “wake and bake” started with products that will get you buzzed in more ways than one!


1. Ganja Grindz

A recent First Place Edibles winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup, Ganja Grindz offers cold brew bottled coffee, as well as single serve brew cups. Bottles contain 75 mg of THC provided by The Clear cannabis concentrate, while brew pods come in a variety of dosage levels.


2. Therapy Tonics & Provisions

Promising three hours of functional euphoria with a variety of bottled beverages, including cannabis coffee, Mexican mocha, spiced chai and coconut matcha, Therapy Tonics provides a high dose of 80 mg of sativa-derived THC in each 4.20 ounce bottle of deliciousness. The Vanilla Caramel Coffee blends a rich espresso with a smooth vanilla caramel finish along with a hint of euphoria from the sativa infusion. Great for a productive day!


3. Pot-O-Coffee

With cannabis-infused K-Cups that blend CBD and THC with coffee, green tea and chocolate cocoa in measured doses of 10, 50 and 100 milligrams, Pot-O-Coffee makes the mornings more manageable. Find these cannabis coffee pods in California, with expansion coming soon to Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Nevada, and start your own cannabis coffee klatch! Specializing in brew cups and bottled drinks, Pot-O-Coffee offers coffee, tea and cocoa with a wide variety of THC dosage levels. CBD-enriched teas and coffees are also available from this pioneering company.


4. House of Jane

Why not savor your morning cup of coffee and experience relief from pain, stress and more? At House of Jane, it’s the best way to start the day! Mastering the perfect blend of quality gourmet coffee and high-grade CO2 cannabis oil creates fast-acting and long-lasting THC-infused coffees with no cannabis smell or after taste. Feel good about trying fair trade coffee infused with CO2 extracted cannabis oil for a fat-free, sugar-free and gluten-free way to medicate. Offering the widest variety of coffee, tea and cocoa in either bottles, tea bags or C-Cup pods, House of Jane delivers doses of THC in 20 mg, 80 mg and 200mg, as well as high-CBD products.


5. Canyon Cultivation

A very attractive product for coffee lovers, this low-dose drink arrives professionally packaged, much like mainstream coffee drinks. All-natural, cannabis-infused bottled coffee is roasted locally with the finest quality Guatemalan beans. High Times Cannabis Cup judges loved the packaging and the taste, with the only criticism being the low dose of only 10 milligrams of THC per bottle but 100 mg of caffeine. While this dosage limitation is a Colorado state regulation, judges would have liked the 10 mg of THC in a smaller bottle, or perhaps a six-pack to enable those with higher tolerances to consume more. Perfect for taking the edge off of a morning caffeine dose without creating much inebriation.


6. Brewbudz

A progressive start-up cannabis coffee company, Brewbudz developed a 100 percent compostable pod designed to return to the land—not a landfill. With a mission to provide discrete consumption options for patients and consumers, Brewbudz offers users the ability to medicate in a social manner. Patented flower-based extraction technology allows Brewbudz to deliver the whole plant experience of the respective strain for a wholly unique experience!


7. Koala Coffee

Specializing in just bottled cold brew so far, this start-up cannabis coffee company offers a 25 mg dose of THC for a great way to start your day!


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