Weed Edibles and Cannabis Chefs Popping up at Food Festivals

Weed Edibles and Cannabis Chefs Popping up at Food Festivals
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Known to put on a delectable spread, the Los Angeles East Side Food Festival has a new section that’s not only going to be delicious but is going to make everything else taste even better. The festival’s celebrity chefs will be joined this year with cannabis chefs who will show off their edibles and take the munchies to a higher level, shall we say.

Dubbed the “Cannabis Corner,” the enclave will feature samples of THC-infused creations from three local vendors, as well as a cooking lesson from chef Luke Reyes of the roving pop-up La Hoja.

Chef-model Brandin Lashea, courtesy of cannabis-focused media studio PRØHBTD will also be on hand.

As far as cannabis-infused treats go, attendees can expect natural fruit gum drops and sea salt chocolate caramels from Lord Jones, creator of one of High Times’ top 10 edibles.

And don’t miss the watermelon gazpacho and infused oils from JeffThe420Chef, as well as the roasted-tomato crostini, courtesy of La Hoja.

JeffThe420Chef, referred to as “the Julia Child of weed” by the Daily Beast, shares some of his holiday recipes with High Times’ readers here.

Also, check out Jeff’s Podcast, “Wake & Bake – The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine.”

But don’t forget to bring your Cali MMJ rec card. We’ve still got a few months before you can leave it home.

The Eastside Food Festival takes place October 22 at Mack Sennett Studios from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

But Angelinos aren’t the only ones with weed chefs taking part in their food festivals.

Just this past weekend in Chicago, “Taste Talks” featured the James Beard-award winning pastry chef and pot cuisine advocate, Mindy Segal, who discussed the future of baking for folks who want to get baked while they bake.

Segal’s lecture, “High Time: The Present and Future of Cannabis Cuisine” was among the highlights of Chicago’s Taste Talk, a national series of food festival conferences.

Mindy Segal is the first high profile, award-winning celebrity chef to venture into cannabis-infused edible products for medical marijuana patients.

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