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2017 STASH Awards



In every September issue of High Times, our cultivation experts reveal their choices for the best grow gear of the year. We call our picks the STASH Awards (for Significant Technological Achievements in Secretive Horticulture), and our aim is always to reduce your hassles and increase your harvests.

Best Grow Tent:

The Gorilla Grow Tent (9′ x 9′)

2017 STASH Awards

Grow tents provide the perfect alternative to building out an existing room or purchasing an expensive grow box. They can be easily put up or disassembled by one person, but they need to be strong as well as light- and odor-proof. We love the Gorilla Grow Tents, all made with a sturdy 100% metal interlocking frame and connectors. They even come with an infrared-blocking roof insertion and flood-protection pools for peace of mind—plus the free extension kit can add up to 2 feet to the height of the tent.

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