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Increasing Your Yields

If you’re looking to increase your yield, and your space is limited, the best way to do it is to increase the amount of harvests you get each year. Cannabis is an extremely sensitive plant when it comes to light and when it senses that the days are getting shorter because there’s less day time, the plant begins the flowering process.

By using light dep tarps, you can create your own cycles for your plants, a la fooling Mother Nature. By changing the light cycle to 12 hours of light and then 12 hours of total and uninterrupted darkness, the plant is tricked into believing that Fall is coming and it’s time to flower. Keep in mind that these plants are very sensitive to any light during their dark period and any light leakage, even for a very short amount of time may trigger the plant to switch out of the budding cycle and back into the vegetative cycle.

This is why it is important that you choose a quality light dep cover with no pin holes, rips, or tears and is strong enough to withstand the putting up and taking down of the tarp on a daily basis. The inexpensive plastic that you can buy from your local home improvement store most likely will not hold up under those conditions for even one harvest cycle.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to lose a whole crop because you decided to cheap out and ended up with tears in your plastic? Purchasing a film with a string reinforcement will help ensure that your crop will come to full fruition. This is true for both indoor and outdoor grows. The product that’s the most requested in the industry is BOLD which is an 8 mil, lightweight, string reinforced Black-Out Light Dep poly. It’s made by using one layer of heat reflective white and one layer of 100% light blocking, UV resistant black virgin polyethylene and sandwiching string reinforcement between the layers. This is the only 8 mil, lightweight, reinforced 100% blackout cover. Besides being able to completely black out your growing area, this film is strong enough to withstand the taking off and putting on daily without ripping. It’s also strong enough to withstand both heat and cold (-70°F – 180°F operating temperatures). This film is available in both standard and custom sizes.

If you’re growing indoors, you can use a product without the string reinforcement but you still want to make sure that it will definitely black out the light. Having a fire retardant material indoors is also an added feature that you might want to consider since the states are starting to regulate indoor grows and fire retardant is becoming the standard more often. Americover’s 4 & 8 mil Black Fire Retardant films are carbon black films made with virgin polyethylene which means no pinholes. The 6 mil Anti-Stat, Fire Retardant (ASFR6) is a white film with the fire retardant standard printed clearly in red on the film. The anti-stat quality of this film keeps your harvest from sticking to the film. These three films pass the NFPA 701-04 Test 1 Fire Retardant Standard.

Saving the Environment

Growing plants in a hydroponic garden can save water and protect our water resources. Growing plants hydroponically can save up to 10 times the water used to grow plants in soil. When growing plants in soil, the water runs off into the ground. By growing hydroponically, the water is contained in the vessel that is holding your plants whether it is one plant in a bucket or a large bed holding a commercial size crop.

To save more water, use a greenhouse to grow your plants and capture the water vapor that the plants transpire. This is about 95% of the water that your plants take in. Growing plants hydroponically also get the added benefit of having healthier, hardier plants.  When growing plants in soil, the plants must use their energy to constantly search for elements in the soil that they need and you must replenish the soil with these elements by adding fertilizer.

Many of these are the same fertilizers that run off during rains and end up fouling our oceans and waterways. The plants in a hydroponic system get all their nutrients in a solution of water and fertilizer combined and is all trapped in the container that the plant or plants are grown in. This enables the plant to concentrate solely on growing and producing. Faster, better growth, and larger yields are the reasons why more and more people are turning to hydroponic growing. To make sure that you are striving to protect the environment, make sure that you are using quality products for your greenhouse and your hydroponic beds. Use materials that will last for more than one season. You’re looking for products that are reinforced so that quite some time so you know that they will stand behind their product, share insights with you about the products, and will be there a year or two from now.

Tell your sales associate how long you’re planning to keep your set up and in what weather conditions it will be in, and they will direct you to the right mil thickness of string reinforced poly for your job. When looking for greenhouse covers, look to Americover. The 6 & 10 mil String Reinforced Poly are made up of two layers of clear poly with a nylon string reinforcement between the layers. We also offer a fire retardant version in each of these. The 12HUV is a 12 mil string reinforced film with add UV inhibitors and is made to last up to four years in fully exposed conditions. Not having to replace the film every year saves you money and helps to save the environment.

Increase Yields, Save the Environment, and Possibly Make a Profit, Too

So now you know how to increase yields and protect the environment while doing it, but would you like to also either make some extra money or just feed your family some healthful, protein-enriched food? You already know the benefits of growing things with hydroponics, why not go a little further and try aquaponics? Aquaponics is the sustainable method of combining growing plants hydroponically and growing aquatic organisms such as fish. It’s cost effective and can produce organic food all year around. Instead of just water and nutrients in the tank used for hydroponics, the tank also contains fish. The byproducts work as a form of fertilization and help nourish the plants. In this system, your plants grow faster and with greater density. There is no wasted water since all the water is pumped through a filter and back into the tank. Most aquaponic systems are organic since the use of pesticides or chemicals will kill the fish. If you can’t eat all this fish in your tank as they mature, you can then sell them and make a profit. You’ll want to make sure that they material used to create your tank is strong and durable as your system will last a long time. It also needs to be FDA Compliant and if you want the organic designation, the material must also be organic certifiable.

Americover offers several different products for trough, pond, and bed liners depending on the size of your grow and how long you’ll need it for. The DuraSkrim R20WW is a 20 mil white/white film with a scrim reinforcement. This seems to be the preferred product for aquaponic tanks. It’s clean looking and organic certifiable and FDA Compliant. The white/white film also helps in keeping the tank cooler. If you’re looking for something larger, fabricated, or if the sun isn’t a factor, we also offer HDPE and LLDPE in 20, 30, & 40 mil thicknesses and you can have them fabricated to your requirements.

Why Source from Americover?

Americover has been in business for over 21 years. Being in business for that long means not only offering quality products, but we will stand by the products to do what is claimed about them. Our account managers are very well educated in our products and will work hard to get you, as their client, the exact product you’re looking for. You will always reach an actual person who is courteous when calling during business hours and not a voicemail system.  If you need to see a sample of a product before you buy, we will supply it free of charge. Call us at 800-747-6095 or visit our website at We also have a shopping cart on our website so you can shop for our products at any time of the day or night.

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