Dear Diary: I Want To Grow Weed

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, a weed grow diary can help you stay organized and productive.
Dear Diary: I Want To Grow Weed

Anyone who wants to grow weed, from the first-timer to the seasoned expert, must take detailed notes in order to improve their cannabis cultivation techniques. Decisions must be made on a daily basis, and the only way to properly inform your judgment is to have access to past data, in other words, a weed grow diary. Only by using comprehensive information can you improve your garden and increase your yields from harvest to harvest. The first thing I’ve always told anyone who wants to grow weed is to always write everything down. Until now.

The Secret Garden

Dear Diary: I Really Want To Grow Weed

I recently discovered GrowDiaries a secure online portal allows you to track and share your cannabis cultivation progress anonymously. To start your grow diary, you simply enter your strains and your equipment, then start tracking. It only takes about ten minutes per week to record every aspect and share unlimited photos.

No information is stored by their software and you can choose whether to show off your diary or proceed in stealth mode. Take advantage of crowd-sourced nutrient feeding schedules and up-to-the-minute seed breeder ratings and compare your current setup to your past grows so you’ll improve every cycle.

Join The Club

Dear Diary: I Really Want To Grow Weed

Another huge benefit of starting your own grow diary is the opportunity to benefit from the active support and encouragement of a like-minded social community. Newbies get timely answers to their questions from grow pros so nobody stays a beginner for long.

GrowDiaries reward those who interact and help others with regular giveaways from participating breeders and nutrient companies. I was amazed to find that everyone on the site wants to see you get from seed to harvest successfully. Many online grow forums attract negativity and bad information but GrowDiaries is troll and hater-free!

  • Track Your Grow Securely
  • Get Advice From Experts
  • Compare Your Grow To Others
  • Tons of Great Giveaways
  • Join The Growing Community
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Show Off Your Grow Skills

Official Accounts

Another huge bonus of joining the site is access to industry leaders of the seed and plant food businesses. If you see a little paper plane icon in the breeders or nutrients sections it means that there’s an official brand representative on board. Members can ask grow questions and get answers from experts in the field. There are reps available to speak with from many of the leading companies including Dinafem Seeds, Plagron and Barney’s Farm.


Dear Diary: I Really Want To Grow Weed

GrowDiaries are constantly giving out prizes which include seeds, nutes and more. They have a Diary of the Month giveaway sponsored by Ripper Seeds for the most impressive garden posted with prizes shipped worldwide. You can also win Grower of the Month or Newbie of the Month and other awesome awards from different sponsors for your weed grow diary!

Get A Job

You can even use your weed grow diary as an online resume to get hired in the cannabis growing industry. So many cannabis companies are hiring experienced cultivators, and the number one thing they’re looking for is results. What better way to show them what you’re capable of producing than to send them a link to your GrowDiaries?

They’ve launched an Android App and an IOS version is coming soon.

Final Hit: Dear Diary, I Want To Grow Weed

The best way to grow great weed is to keep track of your progress so that you can analyze your data. The best way to ensure that you document everything is to start a diary. Whether you’re just dipping your toes and getting started or interested in furthering your career or helping others, this online community provides everything you need all in one place: Notes, support, data, schedules, and 24-hour access to your own secret garden. So go to GrowDiaries and start your own today!

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