Grow Q&A: How Can I Protect My Eyes In My Marijuana Growroom?

Dear Dan, I got a new grow tent with a 1000-watt light. The inside of the tent is very reflective and working in it, even for a short period of time, leaves me seeing spots and quite blind when I return back to normal lighting conditions. I’m concerned about my eyesight. Can you talk about protecting your eyesight within an indoor grow? – Beggarstune

Dear Beggarstune,

Lucky for you there are several options on the market for growroom eyewear that protects your vision from any potentially harmful or annoying rays. Brand names such as Nectar, Lumii and Apollo all provide a variety of affordable options but my favorite company making eyewear specifically for HPS, MH, LED and Sunlight protection is Method Seven.

Method Seven glasses were developed by our friend and HIGH TIMES colleague Jeff Goldberg who sadly passed away last year. As a professional cannabis photographer, Jeff recognized the need for protective lenses for people who spend a lot of time under artificial lighting. Using the technology he implemented for shooting photos under intense lighting, Jeff developed Method Seven lenses to “white balance” a wide variety of different indoor spectrums and the products he helped develop remain at the forefront of growroom eyewear technology. No matter what lighting you grow under, get yourself a pair of glasses, or clip-on’s for your existing glasses, in order to protect your precious eyesight.

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(Photo courtesy of Method Seven)

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