The Best Indoor Grow Room—LED SuperRooms

Credit: Jeff Standley

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Thinking about starting a new grow at home? Not everyone has a spare room in their living space that they can just dedicate to growing pot; most will opt for grow tents to make sure their growspace and living spaces stay separate, which, by the way, is a must if you actually want to grow good weed.

Homegrown pot is great. There’s nothing like lighting up a joint you rolled yourself and packed with weed you grew yourself as well. However, the allure of homegrown dies a little when you start having to pick out dog hairs from all your buds, while you enjoy the flavor of all the ones you missed. In order to really take pride in your work, you need to keep your weed completely quarantined off from the rest of your house. Sticky buds are like magnets to household dust, hair and pet fur.

Sealing off your growroom will also help prevent pests by keeping them completely unaware of your plants’ existence. Don’t forget about the smell—having an effective smell barrier around a growspace will allow your carbon filter to do its job properly. Oh, you live in a legal state and you don’t care about how much it smells? Think again. Your straight-laced neighbors might not care about a faint whiff of weed coming through an open window late at night, but when everyone on your floor inhales nothing but weed smell 24/7, you might have some neighbors, with badges, knocking on your door.

Back 10 or 20 years ago, we’d recommend a crafty grower to just build a sealed grow tent on their own, and give them some tips on how to do it right, but these days, things have changed.

Cheap, discount online retailers offer great deals on pre-made systems that can be tailored to anybody’s needs. You want soil? Hydro? LED? Metal halide? Take your pick. Big or small grow tents can be adapted to any space you have in mind, and these packages come with everything you need. Instead of focusing on putting everything together and buying all the small parts (which add up to a pretty penny), you can focus on getting some great genetics and starting your crop out strong. Buying a pre-made system means you might spend just as much as you would making one by yourself, but you’ll never come close to the quality of one of these tents.

In particular, the Gorilla Grow Tent provides some of the best features on the market.

This tent provides unique flexibility in that it can be adjusted to 7-, 8- or 9-feet tall for use in a basement, garage, room or attic. Their durable construction will give you the confidence you need to leave them alone for hours, or days, without any risk of them collapsing. These tents also seal in 100 percent of the light on the inside, using ultra-thick reflective fabric that also seals in the scent. Their sealed viewing windows allow you to check on the plants without disrupting the environment, and their filter screen mesh vents allow air circulation when you need it, without risking contamination from insects, dust or hair.

Set up a Gorilla Grow Tent up with an LED, and you’ll save up to 60 percent on energy costs from savings on lighting and cooling. Built-in fans mean these systems generate up to 90 percent less heat than HID bulbs. Customize your setup with budget in mind, and you still won’t be disappointed. You can always upgrade later after that first crop pays off!

Gorilla Grow Tents are also amenable to any cultivation system you desire. You can go for tried-and-true soil, or step up to the plate with award-winning hydroponic systems from SuperPonic’s Bubble Flow Buckets or the SuperFlow Tray system.

Head on over to and customize your own Gorilla Grow Tent today! If you look at everything they include in a full setup, there’s no way you won’t agree with when we tell you how great of a deal it is!

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