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Selecting Concentrates for Cannabis Cup Competition

Entering a concentrate into the High Times Cannabis Cup is a serious decision for every extract artist. Everyone wants to enter with their best foot forward, but what do you do if you have five good feet? We stopped by the TerpX booth at the High Times Cannabis Cup Seattle and had a brief conversation with Jordan about their competition process.

What qualities do you look for in cannabis when selecting flowers for use in a Cannabis Cup concentrates entry?

Terp profiles are really what the TerpX team is looking for. Trichome color is an important indicator too. Flowers to work within competition are selected from experience… doing lots of runs and paying attention to the details in every run. Eventually, you just have a sense of what is competition-worthy material.

What would you say is more important in a concentrate made for competition: flavor or potency?

Potency is important, especially because lab results are an important part of Cannabis Cup competition, but a good terp profile seems to work better in competition than running just on pure potency.

What is the process like for you guys when you have a competition coming up? How do you select what to enter?

When you enter a competition, you know that you only have one or two slots to compete in. In the ideal scenario you get to make five or six good options, even do a second run with the material you like the best from the first run.

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