The Winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition 2023

It’s not summertime yet, but the southwest cannabis market in Arizona is heating up!

Welcome, one and all, to the exciting conclusion of the High Times Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition 2023. Last year we went out with a bang following our announcement that we were coming back to the Grand Canyon State back in September. Our dedicated judges diligently examined each product in their kit to determine quality, flavors, potency, and more within. We combed through a tremendous amount of feedback for products in all 12 categories this year.

Many might recall that Arizona was among the first states we brought the High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Edition to, which was originally announced in October 2020. The official list of winners came later in by summer 2021, where the judges chose strains submitted by Alien Labs, Shango x True Harvest, Aeriz, Mohave Reserve, High Grade, Connected, and Sunday Goods. The concentrate winners list was hot with Shango x True Harvest rosin, HOLOH Extracts live resin diamonds, Earth Extracts badder, Aeriz live resin sugar, and Vapen batter. The list also included a veritable selection of top-quality pre-rolls, vape pens, gummies and non-gummies edibles as well.

Nearly three years later, we’re finally ready to announce a new batch of winners. What’s changed in the Arizona cannabis market since the pandemic was in its prime? Which brands have risen about the rest? Which flowers were undeniably delicious?

This High Times Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition 2023 list features a well-balanced selection of companies and products—both those that were winning back in 2021, as well as a handful of new surprises as well.

2024 is moving fast, and this year’s calendar of People’s Choice Edition cups is going to be your go-to reference to exploring the best of the best in the U.S. All in due time. Until then, we’re immensely proud to share a couple of our ongoing projects that are already in the works.

For our east coast fans (or west coast fans eager to see what the east coast is bringing to the table), check out the recent release of our High Times Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition 2023 winners. For consumers across the country, we also recently announced our High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition 2024 as well. It’s a highly competitive selection of products that, unlike our state-specific cups, can come from anywhere in the U.S. Keep an eye out for the winners of this cup in categories like hemp-derived and non-psychoactive edibles, topicals, flowers, concentrates, pet products, and more, as well as legal psychoactive products (i.e. products made with delta-8, delta-10, HHC, and THC-O). Submissions for the Hemp Cup are being collected now, and judge kits are slated to go on sale on Feb. 26, followed by a live awards show on April 30.

The Winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition 2023

Indica Flower

First Place: Shango – Frosted Donuts

Second Place: Alien Labs – Gemini

Third Place: Records – XXX OG

Sativa Flower

First Place: Alien Labs – BK Satellite

Second Place: Gas Pump Farms – Cheetah Piss

Third Place: Aeriz – Jenny Kush

Hybrid Flower

First Place: Connected – Bad Apple

Second Place: Mohave Reserve – Super Boof

Third Place: High Grade AZ – Headhunter

Non-Infused Pre-Rolls

First Place: Przm – Violet Fog Pre-Roll

Second Place: Alien Labs – BK Satellite Pre-Roll

Third Place: Aeriz – Ice Cream Cake Pre-Roll

Infused Pre-Rolls

First Place: Jeeter – Kiwi Kush – Infused Pre-Roll

Second Place: Presidential x Rove – Skywalker Moon Rock Blunt

Third Place: MPX – Supermax OG x Secret Triangle Diamond Infused Pre-Roll

Solvent Concentrates

First Place: Earth Extracts – Sour Papaya Live Resin

Second Place: MPX – Mango Peach Cobbler Live Resin Batter

Third Place: Hashishans – GMO Live Resin Applesauce

Non-Solvent Concentrates

First Place: Shango – Wedding Pie Live Rosin

Second Place: Earth Extracts – Oil Tanker Live Hash Rosin

Third Place: Summus – Tier 1 Garlic Cocktail Live Hash Rosin

Rosin Vape Pens

First Place: Tropics – Purple Petrol Solventless Rosin Vape Pen

Second Place: Aeriz – GMO LIve Rosin Cart

Third Place: Copperstate – Pienana Live Hash Rosin Cart

Non-Rosin Vape Pens

First Place: Earth Extracts – Sour Papaya Live Resin Disposable Vape

Second Place: Rove – Pineapple Express Live Resin Diamond Vape

Third Place: Alien Labs – Area 41 Live Resin Disposable Vape

Edibles Gummies & Fruit Chews 

First Place: Pure – Starfruit THC:CBD:CBG Gummies

Second Place: OGeezzz! – Sleep Edition Aquaberry 2:1 THC/CBN Gummies

Third Place: Copperstate – Pink Lemonade Rosin Infused Gummies

Edibles Chocolate Non-Gummies

First Place: Diablo Cannabis Co. – Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Second Place: Koala Bars – Banana Pudding Chocolate Bar

Third Place: Sublime – Sweet & Savory Pot Pretzels

Edible Beverages

First Place: Keef Xtreme Classic Soda – Bubba Kush Root Beer

Second Place: Countdown – Berry Force Beverage

Third Place: SiP Elixirs – Dreamberry Sleep 2:1 CBN

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