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How To Stop A Joint From Canoeing

Learn how to stop a joint from canoeing to be the hero at the smoke session.

Ab Hanna



3. Moisten Faster Burning Side

How To Stop A Joint From Canoeing

When one side is burning much faster than the other, you can slow the faster side down with moisture. Lick your finger and place the saliva on the fast burning side.

If you’re already suffering from a mean case of cotton mouth, you can also use water. This should slow the faster burning side until the other side catches up.

If all else fails, you can just light the slower burning side until it burns off and catches up with the other side.

Final Hit: How To Stop A Joint From Canoeing

Nobody likes a canoeing joint. Your fingers might end up getting burned before the joint is finished if you do nothing about it. Take the necessary precautions to prevent a canoe before it even starts. Make sure the joint is rolled right and there isn’t too much wind while you’re sparking your lighter. In every other case, take fast action to help the slower burning side catch up. Learning to stop a joint from canoeing will make your weed smoking experience more enjoyable.

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