How To Stop A Joint From Canoeing

Learn how to stop a joint from canoeing to be the hero at the smoke session.
How To Stop A Joint From Canoeing

People that prefer consuming cannabis through papers will want to learn how to stop a joint from canoeing. When a joint “canoes” it means it is burning unevenly. If only one side is burning and you do nothing about it, the joint or blunt will look like a canoe. That is, open on one side. Canoeing can be caused by a number of factors like rolling loosely or smoking outside when it is windy. Whether you’re about to roll up or already smoking, there are several ways to prevent a joint from canoeing.

1. Roll Tighter

How To Stop A Joint From Canoeing

The trick to proactively stop a joint from canoeing is rolling a proper joint. By the time you are done rolling there should be no gaps left.

Space between the rolling paper and weed will almost always result in canoeing. So it’s worth it to take your time when rolling up if you want a smooth smoke without having to try to fix the canoe.

Once you see the canoe process beginning, act fast to even things out before things get out of hand. You can tilt the joint so the faster burning side is at the bottom. Heat rises, so that can help to even things out a bit.

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