7 Best Different Ways to Smoke Weed Without a Pipe or Papers

There are plenty of ways to get by without a pipe or papers.
7 Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers

Hot Knife

7 Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers

Before there were fancy dab rigs with carb caps and all that jazz the only way to enjoy concentrates without a pipe or papers was with a hot knife.

How To: If you torch or heat the end of a knife long enough, it will be hot enough to produce a vapor or smoke when you put weed’s resin glands against it.

Once you get it red, you can wait a couple of seconds then drop the dab while hovering over the knife to inhale whatever comes out. This is the best way to utilize your cannabis concentrates when there’s no dab rig or vape pen available.

If you’re going to use the hot knife technique, we recommend making a dome for it at home. Just get a small bottle of soda and cut the bottom half out and toss it away.

The top half makes it easier to trap the vapors that quickly rise up and away from the knife after you touch concentrates to it.

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