The Effects of THC On Sex

Is it a good idea to toke up before you get down?
The Effects of THC On Sex
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If you’re looking for a way to take your sex life to the next level, you may not have to go further than intertwining it with your smoking ritual.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, tops the list of 113 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis you’re smoking. THC is known best for its psychoactive effects. So what are the benefits of partnering up THC and sex? Well, studies have shown that those that regularly enjoy marijuana may be more likely to have sex. On the other hand, many people who use THC may experience sexual dysfunction in some way. In another study that looked at masturbation and marijuana consumption, they found THC might be a possible culprit for their sexual woes.

Whether or not marijuana affects your sex life depends on you as an individual.  What divides the experience could depend on gender and body size. Affecting the male and female body differently, THC can alter the brain to create different consequences. Nonetheless, THC does not deserve the blame for some of the weirder perversions to make the news. Instead, when it comes to THC and sex, the scientific world must further investigate how it can affect men, women and their sexual goals.

THC and Sex for Men

When it comes to THC and sex for men, they report mixed reviews. Certainly, the correlation of marijuana use and having sex more exists for men. But while it may increase the odds of getting into the sack more, THC can affect the male body differently. For some men, smoking weed can make sex last longer, extending the sex session to really tap into learning a partner’s body. And for others, this extended time may last as long as, well… forever. THC can prevent the male orgasm from ever being achieved at all.

Worse than having a lengthy sex session and not seeing a happy ending? Not being able to start the engines. Some men who use marijuana can experience erectile dysfunction (ED), or the ability to get and maintain an erection. Similar to cigarette smoking, smoking weed can restrict blood flow to the veins and arteries, putting smokers in general at risk for ED. And even if consciously consuming THC through healthier ways than smoking, a man runs the risk of altering penile function, since cannabinoid receptors are present in the smooth muscle penile tissue. All this to say, it only puts some men at risk for developing ED, and plenty report exactly the opposite reaction to THC.

In fact, instead of that over-hyped purple pill Viagra, some doctors are suggesting marijuana. Rather than using a male enhancement pill, perhaps THC can excite the sex drive. For some, THC may entice the body into working more naturally. This way, you can actually enjoy the erection and use it rather than dealing with that one Viagra warns about in their side effects, lasting more than 4 hours and eventually requiring “immediate medical help to avoid long-term injury”.

THC and Sex for Women

For women, THC promises almost entirely positive enhancements to sex sessions. Instead of THC challenging the ability to climax, for women adding THC can help acheive orgasm. For some suffering from vulvodynia or vaginismus, sex can be painful. And to make it worse, it can make the prospect of orgasm impossible. However, new products on the market such as lubricant made with CBD or THC can help to relax the muscles and mind and achieve pleasure.

In fact, it isn’t surprising that THC products designed to enhance the bedroom are targeted to women. Even specific strains exist, like this aphrodisiac strain that promises a low-THC level to promote good estrogen activity. Though more studies must be considered to understand how THC affects the female body, these strains are geared to suit women’s sexual needs. Addressing the THC content is one way to ensure your THC sex maintains a level high.

Mary Jane pairs well with female health in general, but it can have some subpar effects. For some women, getting high before a sexy moment can cause a major set back to feeling frisky: vaginal dryness. Of course, this issue can be easily handled through more time learning each others’ bodies, or using a special lubricant.

The most titillating news for women blending THC and sex? Weed may bring on spontaneous orgasms. Or it did for one woman anyway. After a 5-hour sexual encounter started by smoking, the woman reported having experienced uninhibited and intense climaxes without any touch.

Men may not always be as lucky. But with reviews like that, it’s no wonder sex toys marketed to women also wink at weed.

THC Sex or CBD Sex?

THC sex can provide body-shaking, electric sexual experiences. But don’t feel confined to only THC products. CBD can give a person who feels negatively impaired by THC some of the body relaxing effects. And better yet, it can do so without any of the trippy, psychosomatic effects. It is also known to decrease anxiety issues. That means, for anyone nervous to get down to their skivvies and get down to business, CBD can help. So if toking before a sex session causes you to feel paranoid or unconfident with your intimate partner, consider CBD. The range of products offered is diverse and sexy, like CBD-infused chocolate or massage oil.

Alternatively, maybe the issue isn’t THC and sex but rather the type of strain with THC you’re packing into that bowl. Play around with the options and find the sensual strains that could work best for you.

THC Sex: Getting High and Getting Off

Smoking or consuming marijuana may indeed indicate you’re more likely to get lucky. Even still THC affects everybody differently—whether male or female, large or small. Using THC to enhance sex may amplify your intimate sessions, but it may also have the adverse effect. No worries. With all the many ways you can enjoy THC, you can find the right way to consume. It helps to know how much to take, and of course, how long before you’re expecting action. Take it slow, make it build, and soon you’ll be reaching happier and higher climaxes.

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  1. It always has made me aroused and sex is very good at the time but I don’t remember the experience as well afterwards as opposed to not high. 66 yr old male.

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