Dropping KXNG Crooked And Jonathan Hay’s New Track

KXNG Crooked and Jonathan Hay’s new track pays tribute to the legendary Big Daddy Kane.
Dropping Kxng Crooked And Jonathan Hay’s New Track
Jonathan Hay

“Well excuse me, take a few minutes to mellow out,” Big Daddy Kane sings in his 1989 hit tune, Smooth Operator, leaving listeners with no choice but to obey his deep, smooth voice and chill for a whole four minutes – and then some. It’s definitely hard to find that style of laid back, “straight up dissin’ and dismissin’” kind of rap nowadays. But some artists are clearly (and fortunately) paying their tribute to the old school. One such artist is KXNG Crooked, from Eminem’s Shady Records and the Rap God’s super-group, Slaughterhouse. This tribute is most apparent in KXNG Crooked and Jonathan Hay’s new track.

‘Just Ask Madonna’

For your delight, and yours alone, KXNG Crooked has shared his latest track, produced by long-time hip-hop publicist Jonathan Hay, for High Times to drop before its debut on Spotify and Apple Music on Friday.

Kane Street is the first cut of the upcoming compilation album “The Hoodlum Ball,” which is being released on High Times’ favorite day of the year, 4/20. The record features five tracks with KXNG Crooked, and other songs with Cyhi The Prynce, Riff Raff, Lil Windex, Chino XL, Twista, MC Eiht (of Compton’s Most Wanted) and Eminem’s new artist, Conway

“When I first heard the music I was hype because I’m a long time Kane fan. When he first hit the scene, Big Daddy Kane was an instant trendsetter,” said KXNG Crooked during a conversation with High Times.

“People copied his style like crazy! Jay-Z even mentions this in his song ‘Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up)’ [where] he raps ‘I seen the same shit happen to Kane. Three cuts in, your eyebrows tryin to wild out!’ So yeah, me being a hip-hop historian and for the culture, like I am, it’s dope to be involved with this song.”

“For all you new wave rap fans who doubt that Kane is a legend; just ask Madonna,” KXNG Crooked added.

‘Murder A Rhyme One Word At A Time’

KXNG Crooked is an outspoken, legendary rap artist and member of the rap super-group Slaughterhouse, currently signed under Eminem’s Shady Records (Interscope).

“KXNG Crooked tribute to Big Daddy Kane on this crossover single. Rising duo DJ Manipulator and Louie Gonz add the cuts and vocal scratches,” producer Jonathan Hay told High Times.

“I think this could be a real big single for KXNG Crooked and I can’t wait to hear it on Eminem’s radio station Shade 45Kane Street is inspired by hip-hop icon Big Daddy Kane’s classic single Smooth Operator, with both lyrics and music that incorporate Kane’s original hit from 1989.”

Take a look at the main verse; if you’re a Big Daddy Kane far, or even an aficionado, you’ll understand what Hay means:

Everywhere I go I spit impeccable flow I

I’m so high on your top twenty list and you know I

As soon as you put my skill in question an insurrection is interception 

Kiss the rectum with lip injections 

Fake niggas play grave diggers them niggas resting

With imperfection and misdirection 

Coming in this direction 

Cross me and get hit like six pedestrians 

Walking across a busy intersection 

Bitch I’m flexing 

Friday the 13th walking down Kane Street

I flame beats, I’m thinking until my brain bleeds 

Knock them out at the Apollo

I should have played Creed 

Heavyweight we ain’t the same breed 

You assholes, this is a different plateau isn’t that so?

Get the cash flow with the rap flow

Light my cigar like Mr. Castro. I’m futuristic dog bitch, I’m Astro. 

Final Hit: KXNG Crooked And Jonathan Hay’s New Track

Interestingly, Kane Street pays tribute not only to the Big Daddy but also to another legendary hip-hop group, Soul II Soul.

“Not only does the singer on the hook flip some of Smooth Operator, she also incorporates another 1989 classic with Back To Life (However Do You Want It) by Soul II Soul. This is my favorite song from our upcoming April 20th release of our new album, The Hoodlum Ball,” Hay added.

Kane Street was also worked on by Mike Smith (from BET’s One Shot with Sway Calloway and DJ Khaled), Toon, Ranna Royce, Mani Ajami and The Visionary, and The Architect.

And just because the song’s so smooth, here it is again for your listening pleasure. Now, it’s back to life; back to reality.”

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