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Destress and get ready for summer with these three deliciously tropical flavors from Papa’s Cloud.
Papa's Cloud
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Papa’s Cloud lives up to its name. The company’s vegan gummies send people, as well as dogs, almost immediately to cloud nine. Whether seeking low-key euphoria, sweet sleep, or a nice sprinkling of joy over one’s day, Papa’s Cloud delivers the goods. With candylike flavors and taste, the company succeeds in its mission to produce top-shelf vegan CBD edibles.

The company set a high and personal bar for itself. The founder, Jon Gardner, suffered a heart attack in 2020. He turned to CBD and functional mushrooms to medicate. His doctor was impressed with the results of his three-month check-up and encouraged him to continue. Jon saw the potential benefits of CBD for both humans and animals, and began sharing it with his ailing father, a U.S. veteran, and his own dog. As a result, he wanted to help others and built a company to produce Full Spectrum + THC gummies. These gummies aren’t cash grabs. They’re personal for Garner, who’s been a frequent cannabis user for the last 20 years. Any company in this business born out of a genuine desire to help others, well, who doesn’t want to support that?

Today, Garner’s Papa’s Cloud makes delicious organic, all-natural hemp-derived vegan sweets for adults. Sweet is an understatement since it’s easy to eat a whole bag full of CBD Vegan Gummies in a day, whether we’re talking about the Pineapple, Strawberry Cream, or Orange Creamsicle flavored edibles. They’re delicious, especially the Strawberry Cream from the Full Spectrum + D9 THC. 

For good reason, Papa’s Cloud submitted its wide array of products to the High Times Hemp Cup this year. They believe in what they’re making, and what they’re making consists of natural ingredients. No dairy, gelatin, or refined sugar. They meet FDA and GMP standards.

The natural flavors are especially strong in The Pineapple, Strawberry, and Orange Creamsicle gummies. Too many edibles are often too sugary. Each one of those Papa’s Cloud’s edibles, which is 25 MG of CBD, satisfies the sweet tooth. These edibles go down easy because they’re natural. They are fresh. They also don’t leave a bad taste in the mouth, which too many edibles do. If anyone wants to kick a bad candy habit and get a daily dose of CBD, these gummies do the trick. They accomplish far more than delivering a satisfying flavor, too. 

Courtesy Papa’s Cloud

When anxiety consumes the mind, Papa’s Cloud helps. Their CBD, which has a kick of THC, puts someone struggling at ease. They have a mellowing effect. They’re ideal during a stressful workday or a night in which sleep doesn’t seem possible. Since they lack distasteful processed sugar, the gummies won’t keep someone up all night, either. It can produce a nice, long night of rest. Forget intrusive thoughts before bed, too. 

These gummies turn the volume down, so to speak. Thoughts aren’t moving at lightspeed. Once again, intrusive thoughts chill out for a bit. Even the calmest and coolest of us can get overstressed and could find some much-needed peace of mind in these gummies. Peacefulness isn’t listed as an ingredient or official side effect, but it can do just that in the right circumstance. On a tough or fast day, Papa’s Cloud products produce a nice-and-easy-wins-the-race mentality.

Speaking of races, they’re terrific for sports or physical activity. Pop a few of these gummies and bask in the sun on a pleasant bike ride or thoroughly enjoy a yoga session. During an intense or moderate workout, the gummies put the body at ease. They’ll assist with soreness or, in some cases, maybe push someone to go a little further in their workout or feel more in tune with the body. For any yogis out there, buy a few packs of these edibles for your practice. They make the body feel nice and alive. 

Whatever the pace of the day, intense or carefree, these gummies can improve it. A few of these edibles and some serious, quality couch time gel well together. Binge on television shows for hours without guilt. Blast some music and really listen to it without any internal or external distractions. A good couch and great record is glorious on these gummies. Anyone all about their lazy Sundays or Mondays will find happiness in the Orange Creamsicles. Just relax and enjoy, that’s Papa’s Cloud. 

Courtesy Papa’s Cloud

Gardner didn’t only want to help people – he wanted to help dogs, too. Out of love for his pup, who enjoyed his share of CBD, he decided to produce edibles for dogs. They help train and calm dogs, as well as put any of their hip and joint pain at ease. Anyone with a dog suffering from anxiety or sore joints should look into these soft chews. 

These products simply work. The gummies effortlessly check all the boxes a consumer needs out of their CBD, and again, The Pineapple, Strawberry, and Orange Creamsicle flavors are just delicious treats. Looking for vegan CBD edibles from a company that also strives to protect the planet’s biodiversity? Papa’s Cloud is an exceptional choice. The company produces potent edibles for the mind, body, and soul. 

  1. High Times, you are officially a bunch of FUCKING THIEVES!!!!!! You take peoples money for your stupid magazine then you never send out any issues. You guys are all total CUNTS.

  2. Great article, sell this brand at my stores and my customers love the functional mushrooms and thc gummies. Really glad hightimes mentioned the owner really cool guy, probably the kindest dude I’ve met in this industry.

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