Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #20

Our VP of Content is back with the latest and greatest green on the streets. This month’s Stone Cold Cop List features the new from Alien Labs, Cannabiotix, 710 Labs, Gas House and more!
Cop List

I know, I know. I’m a few days late on this one. I could blame it on the short month, or all the moving parts going on behind the scenes at High Times right now, but the optimist in me would rather just tell you that you’ll have two Cop Lists to look forward to in March. That’s a better perspective, right? Now let’s get into it.

I’m not going to front, it’s getting harder to distill these down. There’s more dope rocking now than ever, and as we start to get into the Spring there are a lot of new products begging for attention out there. Although this was probably the busiest package month ever at HQ, the cream always rises to the top, and I’ve skimmed that sweetness just for you. Out of all the flower and associated THC products I’ve seen over the past 4(ish) weeks, here’s the 411 on what you need to get your hands on.

As always, don’t forget to hit me with your favorites, especially if you haven’t seen it here yet. The world needs to know about the magic!

Field / Doja / Wizard Trees Collab

Courtesy of Field Extracts

Although originally debuting at Hall of Flowers, I was too slow to hit the booth and unfortunately missed the initial preview. Never fear though gang, the public release is here and let me tell you, this rosin was worth the wait. Now available in small batches across Glass House affiliated dispensaries, trust you will not be disappointed by either of these highly terpy cultivars. With genetics bred by Deep East and Wizard Trees, and popularized by Doja Pak, the expert extractors over at F/eld certainly impressed with this pressing. While the RS is still a fav for me, the Studio 54 was perhaps even better extracted than in its original form — which is not an easy feat. 

Candypaint’s New Phenos

Courtesy of Candypaint Flowers

Back in December I started singing this guy’s praises after finally getting a chance to link at HOF. While I was just familiar with his past work at that point, it’s what he’s working on now that’s really going to elevate the visibility of this brand over the next year. From his YKTV (Horchata x 996) to the Glitterati, his upcoming drops are going to make the rest of the space green with envy, and that’s a great thing for us consumers. I’ve started to see his bags popping up with notable trappers overseas, so the gospel is definitely spreading, but trust me when I tell you, you don’t want to be the last one on this train. He’s trickling into more shops every day, and as I’ve said before, if you see it on the shelves, nothing else in the shop matters.

Alien Labs’ Omnichronic

Courtesy of Alien Labs

By now y’all know I’m way subscribed to the Alien movement. From their constantly growing (and consistently dank) portfolio of cultivars to their always flawless collections of merchandise, pretty much everything these guys do is right up my alley. However, their latest isn’t only keeping the bar high, it’s also uniquely appropriate for what was once the ‘Quarantine Cop List’. When I caught up with the brand’s founder Ted last Thursday for his weekly product QC, he gave me an exclusive first look at the newest cut to hit the market with his name on it. Dubbed ‘Omnichronic’, playing off the latest variant of that which shall no longer be publicly addressed, this one’s for sure going to put more people down than the virus. Easily one of the most photogenic buds I’ve received in a jar this year, the Omnichronic is a lighter color bud with dark purple tips, bright orange hairs, and full frost coverage; this one checks all the boxes one could desire from the top shelf.

Gas House’s Pluto

Courtesy of Gas House

Pluto’s been floating around the legacy market for years now, and while I’ve definitely heard the lore, I hadn’t actually had a chance to tap in myself. You see, the Gas House team has been known to hold it down across the country, but you never know how the quality will match on the rec market. A few weeks ago I linked up with Big Mike from their team and got my first chance to actually get hands-on with their product. It looks like the legal market has proven the brand’s resilience, because I’m here to tell you the hype is real; Pluto IS special. With a nose that almost smells like perfume, this is the type of smoke you can burn right before a fancy dinner and even the maitre d’ will ask what you’re wearing.

THC Design

Courtesy of THC Design

Here comes the point in the list where I correct myself. In the past, I too quickly assumed THC Design was some massive venture-funded organization, and while I’ve always been a fan of their private Paramour Lounge, I’ll admit I wasn’t throwing too much praise at their product. Well friends, their new redesign has me reconsidering my whole stance. As proudly displayed on the side of their new (sustainable) packaging, THC Design is NOT ‘corporate cannabis’. Turns out, the brand started in the illicit market with just twelve lights back in the day, and have grown themselves into the machine they are today without taking a single outside dollar. Not only that, but the new branding really does feel like it’s coming from a more conscious, mature brand than what they’d been running, so I’m tapped in right now.


Courtesy of Cannabiotix

I’m sure these guys have been here before, but they’re for real putting out the best work I’ve ever seen them produce, and it’s somehow better every time I go back. I’ve long sang the praises of their Cereal Milk, as well as the L’Orange, but that Zereal Milk though? That’s the one now. Like if I could only smoke one thing for the rest of my life, this could be it. Presenting that fruity nose Zkittles is known for, and the milky finish you’d expect from CM, these buds are amongst the stickiest I’ve broken up lately, and they’re so beautiful it’s hard to even bring yourself to. That said, it’s worth the destruction, because the smoke is the true work of art.

Ain’t Nobody Cool

Courtesy of Ain’t Nobody Cool

Now when my dude Green Dawg told me he was doing a collab, I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Although I know my dude always comes correct with the bud, I didn’t know about these guys ANC, though their name immediately interested me. Fast forward to my sesh at their HQ and let me tell you, Ain’t Nobody Cool is a misnomer bc these dudes are amongst the coolest. From their insane style to their hilarious flips of cultural moments, these dudes are far more than a meme page. It’s worth noting that while the stylings of this bag and accompanying merch line are new, these guys have long had a collection of fire products to adorn their brand. I’m personally a huge fan of the hockey mask aesthetic, but their weed design initially went over my head — did you know those are actual police sketches? America’s Most Wanted for real!

Sacred Fruits

Courtesy of Sacred Fruits

A lot of people are trying to play in the psychedelic space right now, and while many of those operators look like they’ve probably never even smoked, let alone tripped, let me put you onto a brand you can stand on. Hailing out of California, straight up these are some of the best mushrooms I’ve ever seen, and we all know how popular they’ve gotten over the past couple years. With each package identified by specific strain, their offerings come as dried fruit, freeze-dried fruit, or micro caps right now, but they expect to add some more edible varieties to their line before long. In a sea of questionable gummies and chocolate bars, sometimes you just gotta eat the fruit!


Courtesy of Highsman

I know celebrity brands are polarizing, but here’s one I think everyone can enjoy: Ricky Williams, the Heisman Trophy winning Running Back & NFL star who has been outspoken about cannabis for years, is officially in the game. Now, while with most celebrity brands it’s not always clear just how involved said celebrity is in the process, let me just tell you, Ricky is definitely QC’ing ALL of this product himself. In fact, I know for sure that if it doesn’t pass his test, it doesn’t go in one of his bags. Aptly named Highsman, a play on the top award he once received, the branding does a great job helping entry-level users understand the product from the onset. With cultivars branded as ‘Pregame’, ‘Halftime’, & ‘Postgame’, even the least experienced of us should have no trouble choosing the best play.

710 Labs Robot Trashcan

Courtesy of 710 Labs

People let me tell you about my beeeest friend: he’s a plastic automatic trash can that’ll love me till the end! I don’t know if that’s going to work if you didn’t know I was singing before reading it, but read it back now to the tune of that song and maybe you’ll laugh. Or maybe not, but either way, let me tell you about this trash can. You’re going to love it. It’s for your trash, and it’s automatic. You just gotta wave your hand in front of it and it opens up for you to deposit your valuables. Or trash, whatever you want. Created by 710 Labs primarily to collect used Q-Tips after dabbing, so far this thing has hidden my keys, ate my phone, and I’ve even ashed in it by accident, and it’s still in perfect brand new condition. It’s got that rubberized inside so oily residue won’t really stick to it, and it’s easy to clean. Have you ever seen anyone this hype over a trash can? Trust me, just get it. 

Bonus: NYCHOS Art Show

Courtesy of NYCHOS

If you’re in or near LA, do yourself a favor and pull up to the new NYCHOS show at the MIRUS Gallery. Showing over a hundred works, many for the first time, the show displays the Austrian artist’s delve into psychedelics, with many pieces playing on either the different shakras or states of awareness our bodies experience through one of these journeys. Remixing both pop icons as well as portraits of himself and animals, the anatomical element of his work is on full display, while still managing to dabble into the unknown and subconscious. I can’t say enough good things about it. If you have the chance, pull up!

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  1. I don’t know how anybody thought Thc Design was corporate cannabis. The owner has been to jail at least 10 times for growing weed going back the last 25 years.
    Not only that, they worked politically to get the growers licensed in Los Angeles.
    They never get credit for that either. But, eventually the Weed community will recognize who their own people are as opposed to the outside venture capitalists.

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