6 Stocking Stuffers For Stoners

Looking for last minute stocking stuffers this holiday season? No worries, because we’ve got you covered.
7 Stocking Stuffers For Stoners

2. Kush Kards

7 Stoner Stocking Stuffers

Price: $5.99

Kush Kards is Hallmark for weed smokers. Each card comes with a place to hold a pre-rolled joint and a pack of matches. If your friends and loved ones partake, Kush Kard will make gifting easy AF this holiday.

They’ve got Feliz NaviDab Christmas Kush Kards, as well as Hannakuh and other holiday cards. You can get them in five or 10 packs and handle your smaller gifts with ease this year.

They don’t come with joints, so you’ll have to hand-roll the joint with love. If you’re incapable of rolling and you have access to legal marijuana, you can pick up a pre-roll at a dispensary. People in states without legalized cannabis can look for a cigarette roller at local smoke shops. We recommend putting the pre-roll in a doob tube before tossing it in a stocking. That way the jay will never be compromised.

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