A Road Tripper’s Dream: Meet Hyer, by G Pen

Small but mighty, this battery-powered vaporizer delivers convenience, portability for concentrates and flower alike. But does Hyer live up to the Hype?
Courtesy of G Pen

Are you one of those stoners that keeps their dab rig in the center console? We know your type – work, gym, beach, family function, kid’s birthday party, doesn’t matter. You’re dabbing in your car while everyone wonders where Uncle Matt went. Exhilarating and necessary as car dabs may be, they’re a huge pain in the ass. From finding a power source for your e-nail, to the dangers of using a torch in an enclosed space (please don’t ever do this); on-the-go glass use has historically been reserved for the bravest and most heady of connoisseurs.

G Pen changed the narrative in 2019 with the launch of their flagship Connect, the first portable and self-contained concentrate vaporization product on the market at the time. With the launch of Hyer two weeks ago, G Pen takes their classic proprietary technology one step further with a dual-use, battery-operated vaporizer that works for dabbing and dry herb vaping (tank sold separately). Besting its predecessor—the original G Pen Connect—Hyer boasts a 6,000 mAh lithium ion battery versus Connect’s 850 mAh, in addition to the available dry herb tank attachment. Hyer’s sleek appearance and easy-to-use interface offers safe, consistent heat at five different temperatures and time settings and more than enough muscle to produce thick, billowing clouds.

Courtesy of G Pen

The Hyer Experience

My coworker comes over to aid in the Hyer review process and we chit-chat about work for approximately 26 seconds before he busts out a thick, stout piece of purple-rimmed glass and some freshly acquired Cookies and Cream hash rosin by Kache, a Dank Czar brand. I unzip Hyer’s aesthetic AF hemp storage case and pull out the direction card. It’s easy enough to follow: select temperature, select time, and press start. With only three buttons and five small LEDs to denote selections on the 2”x4” battery pack, it’s pretty hard to mess up. I slip the 14mm male glass adapter into the joint, remove the magnetic, ceramic-lined cap and load the goods into the quartz tank with the included stainless steel tool. The temperature is set to turquoise at 572 degrees Fahrenheit (each of the five different temperature settings correspond to a color on the LED display). I press the start button twice, and wait 15 seconds for the beep telling me my dab is ready. 

I blissfully inhale the thick, milky cloud of vapor blossoming in the glass chamber and keep inhaling, again and again, until my 45 second timer expires and the half gram of hash rosin is all but cashed. The last hit tastes as good as the first. 

I sit back for a few minutes, eyes half shut, and switch out the concentrate tank for the ceramic-lined dry herb tank. I bump up the temperature to the yellow setting of 410 degrees F, and wait 25 seconds for the beep. Clean, light, and herbaceous, the taste was spot on, but not as intense as I would’ve hoped for. I can’t say with certainty I’d spend the extra $50 on this attachment. It does the job, but dabbing is truly where Hyer shines.

Courtesy of G Pen

The Review

Hyer is stoner convenience at its finest, with many pros and few, if any, cons. The first thing you’ll notice about the pieces is their weight. The housings are constructed from anodized aluminum and the battery pack, quartz tank, even ceramic-lined concentrate cap all feel substantial in the hand. The cord is a thick braided cable with large magnetic ports which easily snap in with a satisfying, weighty clack. It’s somewhat akin to closing the door on a Mercedes, you feel like it’s made to last. I can’t comment on the actual longevity or durability, however, G Pen offers a two-year limited warranty for defective units with product registration should things go south.

Hyer’s greatest strength lies in the robust battery. Offering approximately 25 sessions on a single charge, this beast has the juice to generate the thick, flavorful puffs we crave while accurately controlling the temperature so those terpenes can shine. It takes a standard (and included) USB-C charger, like the one for your MacBook, and can fully charge in about two hours. 

There are five heat settings for concentrates, ranging from 482 to 842 degrees F; and the dry herb tank, ranging from 356 to 428 degrees F. My one issue with the concentrate temperature settings is that I wish there was a setting between 482 and 572 degrees—that’s a big jump and my sweet spot is typically right around 500. I wouldn’t recommend the highest concentrate setting for consumption, but I did use it to burn off the leftover residue. Clean up is a breeze, just make sure you have Q-tips on hand like you would for a typical banger and wait 2-3 minutes before swabbing. 

A quirky detail I love? The concentrate cap has two tiny holes the dab tool can screw into, creating a little handle either on the side or top of the cap. Overall, Hyer is a great addition to any dabbers arsenal. The power combined with portability make for a winning product and it looks good, too. Even if you don’t feel the need to dab on a hike or parked in your grandma’s driveway on Christmas, dabbing doesn’t get any easier than this.

Courtesy of G Pen
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