Al Capone is the Go-To Option for a Pleasant Roll

It’s hard to walk into a smoke shop and not see Al Capone.
Courtesy of Al Capone

We’re talking about the company behind the 100% tobacco leaf wraps. Al Capone is a go-to option for a pleasant roll. Ask any clerk at a store what they think about Al Capone, what their customers think of the brand, and you’ll hear a similar sentiment. 

The company is simply reliable. Al Capone first sold premium cigarillos in 1996. In the time since then, the company has become one of the most popular and recommended stateside when it comes to good ‘ol-fashioned natural tobacco leaf and hand-rolled craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship is a fitting word for Al Capone’s Wrap, which was gifted to recreational smokers six years ago. There’s a real sense of pride and care put into these wraps. You can feel it when you roll it, wrap it, smoke it, and handle it. Al Capone’s process ensures these wraps do not disappoint. 

They are always handpicked with their flavors and nutrients preserved in the process. Al Capone keeps a careful eye on these leaf wraps’ growth, all the way until they’re sealed in trusty protective pouches. There’s no rush or hastiness in the development. For Al Capone, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. 

The price is cheap, but the product is not. That’s an important distinction, and when it comes to tobacco leaf wraps, it’s a difficult combination to sometimes find. Usually, you pay for what you get. In the case of Al Capone, you get more than what you pay for every time. It’s a $2 wrap that, with the right and flavorful bud, provides a priceless experience. 

The company walks a fine line but succeeds with their flavors, Original, Cognac, and Rum. Whether anyone wants to add a little flavor to their bud is, of course, a personal choice. Personally, I usually don’t. Good flower is good flower. Having said that, these flavors only add a nice little and enjoyable kick. 

Courtesy of Al Capone

If a smoker wants no flavor or just the sweet smell and taste of pure tobacco, there’s the original, but the Cognac and especially the Rum have a subtle tastiness and smell to them. They do not overwhelm the taste and flavor of the flower. They are especially friendly to the taste buds. There’s no artificial sweetness or off-putting chemicals, just natural tobacco and earthiness. Smell is important, and these blunts smell good. 

These leaf wraps burn nice, slow, and evenly as well. They are ideal for patient smokers, people who just want to kick back, unwind and enjoy their bud with an air of leisureness and satisfying flavor. They burn just right, too. It’s always even. There’s no inconsistency there. On top of that, there’s the strong self-adhesive strip. They do not fail. They’re almost comically sticky, so you can count on these wraps to not fall apart. They’re light in touch and handling, but they’re also strong and robust in texture and practicality. 

These wraps can handle a lot of flower. They’re flexible and stretchy, plus come without any thick veins. Whether someone wants a fat or skinny roll or something in the middle, these wraps handle varying amounts. It’s such a clean and easy roll every time, too. Even the novice rollers will have no trouble with Al Capone’s leaf wraps. The wraps literally come with instructions for new smokers (welcome to the party).

Most importantly, these leaf wraps aren’t a harsh smoking experience. They’re smooth in every sense of the word. Again, nice and easy is ideal, and Al Capone knows that. They don’t hit too hard but they don’t hit too lightly, either. The Al Capone Leaf Wraps just provide relaxing smoke sessions. 

Courtesy of Al Capone

These leaf wraps are made through a complex process of farming, but the end result is simple. There’s a refreshing simplicity to Al Capone. You know what you’re getting. The brand is called Al Capone for a reason. They see themselves, understandably, at the top of the hill when it comes to their products. A lot of smokers would tell you they’re not wrong in their confidence. 

When you walk into a smoke shop, do what I do and ask what the clerk behind the counter thinks of Al Capone. You’ll more than likely hear a well-deserved endorsement. The brand has built a reputation defined by reliability and practicality from its early beginnings. They have long been committed, first and foremost, to quality. Now, after more consumer demand for 100% natural tobacco leaf wraps, Al Capone’s wraps are here to satisfy any type of smokers’ needs. 

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