Bringing The Outside In: Is Indoor Cultivation Better?

Is indoor cannabis cultivation really better than outdoor growing? Here’s what some experts say.
Bringing The Outside In: Why Indoor Cultivation is Better
Courtesy of NorCal Cannabis

Originally practiced out of necessity, indoor cultivation has become the go-to for producers who see the benefits for large-scale operations.

Indoor cultivation started as illicit grows in garages, spare rooms, or backyard greenhouses. But as the industry matured, savvy growers developed a preference for the approach, for very good reason. Growing marijuana indoors enables a level of control that you just don’t get from nature. That’s why NorCal Cannabis Company has been growing indoors for the last five years

But for all its benefits, indoor cultivation isn’t easy. With it comes with the added responsibility of providing what nature does so well: light, water, oxygen, nutrients, and CO2. We believe the true difference between a novice and advanced grower is in mastering the balance of these variables. 

That’s why NorCal Cannabis works with the best and brightest botanists and scientists in the industry, coupling their expertise with the power of new technologies in data, automation, and more. 

Thanks to this approach, our 130,000 square feet of indoor cultivation facilities are fine-tuned for precise control over every factor of the grow.  

We’ve found that, when done with the right expertise and technology, indoor cultivation provides a multitude of benefits:

Bringing The Outside In: Why Indoor Cultivation is Better
Courtesy of NorCal Cannabis

Control Over Climate Conditions 

Once properly established, indoor grows will provide ideal cultivation conditions. There’s no such thing as an indoor storm sweeping through and destroying your crop. Light shines on crops for the right amount of time. And factors like temperature, ventilation and CO2 levels can be controlled to create a growing environment ideal for a high-quality product with consistent yields. 

A Clean and Hygienic Space

The level of control growers have over an indoor operation means that the space can be significantly more hygienic compared to the outdoors. For medical growers in particular, meeting these standards is incredibly important. Good grow room hygiene and standard protocols will ensure that your operation is free of germs and organisms that can be dangerous to medical users who may have weakened immune systems. 

Streamlined Pest Management

In an indoor space, there’s no danger of grazing animals like deer or elk destroying your crop. That said, the confined area coupled with the high levels of heat and humidity make pest management all the more critical, as insects and plant diseases can proliferate quickly, destroying your crop. 

At NorCal Cannabis, we implement a well-established integrated pest management program that allows us to greatly minimize the use of pesticides. By strategically releasing predatory bugs into our crops, we’re replicating the checks and balances that occur in nature. This approach reduces labor and pesticide use while increasing and assuring the quality of our product. 

Bringing The Outside In: Why Indoor Cultivation is Better
Courtesy of NorCal Cannabis

Ability to Realize Multiple Harvests 

Because of the ability to grow year-round, Indoor cultivation allows for the maximum number of annual harvests by create ideal environments for plants in different vegetative and generative phases. So each plant is getting exactly the amounts of light and nutrients it needs in the moment.

What’s more, our botanists have implemented advanced crop-steering techniques, a scientific approach that places varying levels of plant stress (in this case, positive plant stress) that allows for maximized growth during both the vegetative and generative phases. While our technique was developed based on decades of experience and research, we also leverage the power of modern software to monitor each phase of the grow closely. This allows us to calibrate and make critical decisions as the plants move through each phase of growth.

Reduced Labor and Human Error 

By leveraging automated tools for tasks including watering, irrigation, and climate control, growers can not only reduce labor hours spent interacting with each individual plant. This also removes human error, such as over- or under-watering, improper cycling, and countless others from the equation. Giving plants the exact amount of what they need, at the right time, every time, allows growers to get the same result, every time.  

Streamlined and Specialized Operations

Most cannabis growers started in a garage, which often meant that one grower did all of the work, from propagation to harvest. However, science, technology, and legalization have contributed to larger, more sophisticated commercial grows, and therefore the opportunity to further specialize. By applying a Henry Ford method to indoor cultivation operations, you can essentially create an assembly line of weed to increase efficiency and proficiency. 

Bringing The Outside In: Why Indoor Cultivation is Better
Courtesy of NorCal Cannabis

High Quality Products, Consistently Produced 

Consumers use cannabis for a number of physical, mental wellness, and recreational purposes, so they’ve come to expect a higher quality cannabis. Indoor cultivation allows growers to meet these demands and produce consistent products, with consistent effects. 

Despite the many benefits of an indoor cultivation, there’s no denying that it comes at cost. A successful indoor operation requires expertise, financial investment, attention to detail, daily maintenance, and a whole lot of work. But when done well, you’ll find you have total control of your grow. That means a consistent, safe and flavorful final product, which is what this business is all about. 

About NorCal Cannabis

Spanning cultivation, production, proprietary brands, retail, delivery and more, NorCal Cannabis has created the most impactful cannabis ecosystem in California. We strive to enhance the human experience by connecting people and cannabis, leading by example as we make positive impacts at a social and environmental level. 

NorCal’s consumer brands include 1Lyfe, Big Al’s Exotics, lolo, Occidental Hills, Panacea and Pass it Forward; as well as a new line of female-focused branded cannabis products with comedian, entrepreneur, author and activist Chelsea Handler

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