California-Based CV Sciences (CVSI) Advances Two Promising Businesses

Keep your eyes on the California and Nevada-based CV Sciences, Inc. (OTC: CVSI). Experts recommend adding it to your stock portfolio.
California-Based CV Sciences (CVSI) Advances Two Promising Businesses

Playing the stock market and adding in cannabis as your new MVP? Consider selecting a company with a diversified position!

One such company is CV Sciences, Inc. (OTC: CVSI). Yahoo Finance recently noted CV Sciences, Inc (CVSI) as a stock to watch as the cannabis market moves from development to maturity.

The company operates under two distinct business segments – synthetic CBD (specialty pharmaceuticals) and plant-based CBD (consumer products).  To further explain, the company focuses on the research and development of synthetic CBD in one business track. On the other track, the company sells consumer products with plant-based CBD to various markets.

As the market expands and contracts according to consumer behaviors, CV Sciences will be able to adapt quickly and will likely already have a product in the works for new consumer trends.

Currently, CV Sciences, Inc. leads the industry in several product groups including their PlusCBD Oil. It is the leading brand of hemp CBD products in the natural products retail channel. In September 2018, CB Sciences announced a new product category. They are also working on a patent-pending smoking cessation product (which does not have a name yet).

CV Science, Inc. has clarified their commitment to the dual position – which will only strengthen stock value. They recently added a new production facility online, and is also striving to add more retail locations.

Their second quarter results for 2018 indicate their company is set to grow as more consumers become aware of CV Science, Inc.’s most popular segment PlusCBD Oil.

Especially in a long-term position, the cannabis industry is a viable investment and method for making serious money in growth. These stocks are expected to make major gains within the next decade and most stock analysts see if as a timeline of “when” not “if” a stock will boom.

Second quarter numbers for CVSI stocks revealed record revenue, gross profit, and cash flow. Revenue is up 203% year-over-year. The company’s products were in 1,968 stores which is an 11.1% expansion in retail channels. The third quarter should show similar growth and greater expansion into the online sales channel.

This established company is worth a second look when it comes to boosting a portfolio with strong stocks. The data aggregator, SPINS ranked #2 in the independent natural products retailer channel, which puts them against companies with decades of history. CV Sciences, Inc. operates with the goal of improving patient treatment, in large markets. The right product can transform the industry.

The Hemp Business journal predicts CBD sales to reach more than $2 billion by the start of 2020. As brands like CV Sciences, Inc. develop new therapies, release new products, and transform pharmaceutical care, their stock price is only expected to increase. Look no further than this booming business for stocks that will pay off in the long-term.

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