Cannabis Clones for Sale: Where To Buy Clones Online

Home growers across the U.S. are choosing cannabis clones over seeds due to huge time savings, consistency and less stress. Here’s where to get the best.
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With more states allowing for home cultivation each year, cannabis clones have skyrocketed in popularity. New and veteran growers that have struggled with germinating seeds, only to get mixed results, are finding that clones and XL plants are a better choice.

Not only do clones allow growers to shave a full month off their grows, but they offer consistent results over and over. Cannabis clone providers typically supply cuts direct from the strain’s breeder, or hunt tirelessly to offer the best possible phenotype of each strain.

This means less work and better results for growers across the US. Let’s discuss where you can buy cannabis clones, the benefits of choosing clones over seeds, and what you’ll need to get started if you’re new to growing cannabis.

Where To Buy Cannabis Clones

Marijuana Clones Online is going to be your best option for a number of reasons.


Unless you’re living in California, it’s likely difficult to find a reliable clone provider in your area. Dispensaries tend to shy away from providing clones because if their customers all started growing, it would hurt their profits.

Marijuana Clones Online always has clones and larger 1.5 foot tall XL plants available, and typically have anywhere between 15-20+ strains to choose from. You’ll never have to worry about being stuck with a single option when you need it most again.

They have a convenient waiting list as well so if your favorite strain is out of stock you can add your email to be notified when it’s back in stock!

Popular cannabis clones

Genetic Selection:

Even if you have a dispensary nearby that sells weed clones, it’s likely they only offer a handful of strains that they tend to stick with for a long time, making it difficult to try new or popular strains.

Over the years, Marijuana Clones Online has developed relationships with some of the best breeders in the world.

This allows them to offer fan favorites like Wedding Cake, Apple Fritter and Jealousy as well as exotic strains from top breeders like Cannarado, Cookies, Ethos, Exotic Genetix and more.

Here is a list of their most popular strains they sell:

Apple Fritter (50/50 Hybrid)

Apple Jax (Indica Dominant)

Blue Unicorn Poop (Indica Dominant)

Gas Breath (Indica Dominant)

Ice Cream Cake (Indica Dominant)

Jealousy (50/50 Hybrid)

MAC1 (50/50 Hybrid)

Mimosa (Sativa Dominant)

Papaya Punch (Indica Dominant)

Sensi Skunk (Indica Dominant)

Truffle Cake (Indica Dominant)

Not only will you find excellent genetics, but some of their exotics are sold at a fraction of the price that other sellers charge for the same cuts, and they consistently have the best selection online with over 20+ strains available at any given time.

Quality & Guarantee:

By buying from a clone-only provider that ships thousands of cannabis clones per month, you can be sure the clones or XL plants you buy are fresh and healthy. Marijuana Clones Online ship fully rooted clones with healthy roots that are hardened off and ready to transplant immediately.

Marijuana Clones Online gives customers the option to choose from Priority Mail that takes 2-3 days or Express Overnight that will get your clones to you in 1-2 days to ensure your clones or XL plants will arrive healthy and happy.

Here’s a review of their shipped clones below to see how they’re shipped and how they arrive to your door (level of root development can vary):

Marijuana Clones Online Review | Bill F.

The main benefit of going with Clones Online is that they offer a full guarantee on their clones. If any of your plants arrive broken or dead, which they say is extremely rare, they will ship more as soon as possible. 

Their customer service is extremely helpful and they’ll never give you the runaround or ghost you if you have an issue with your order. 

Order Clones & XL Plants Here

Clones vs. XL plants

What Are Clones and XL Plants?

Clones are small cannabis plants cut from larger “mother” plants, that are exact genetic replicas of the mother plant. They’re also known as cuttings, because the process of cloning requires a grower to “cut” branches off of another living plant.

Clones are typically cut from mother plants that are in the vegetative stage, to ensure that the baby plants have the best chance of rooting and growing quickly. Each “cut” is around 4”-6” tall and usually has at least one to two nodes. 

Once the “cuttings” are taken from the mother plant, the bottom tip is dipped in a rooting gel, then placed in a rooting medium such as rockwool. The hormones in the rooting gel create the perfect environment for these cuttings to start developing roots into the rockwool to create a healthy young cannabis plant.

They’re then placed into humidity domes to establish their root systems. This process usually takes anywhere from 10-16 days depending on the strain and the environment.

Once the roots are established, growers will take the baby plants out of the humidity domes to “harden off” which is simply acclimating them to a lower humidity environment to get them ready to transplant into their final home.

After a few days in their lower humidity environment, the clones are ready to transplant into your soil or hydroponic system and begin their vegetative stage. 

It’s at this point Marijuana Clones Online will offer their cannabis clones to customers. After being hardened off they’re ready to ship to home growers across the US where they’ll turn into beautiful plants, and ultimately, smokable flower.

XL plants are considered plants above 12” in height with more well established root systems. New growers tend to prefer XL plants over clones because they’re more forgiving with rookie mistakes. Growers also like XL plants because they can shave an additional month of time off their grow, as the plants are taller and more developed.

Healthy clones

Cannabis Clones FAQ

Whether you’ve been growing for years or you’re looking to start your very first grow, here are some helpful answers to the most common weed clone questions.

Clones vs XL Plants, Which Are Better?

It depends on your preference. Clones are more immature and are typically shipped between 6”-9” tall in their exposed root plug. XL plants on the other hand are shipped in 3” soil pots at around 12”-18” tall, with more developed root systems.

For new growers you’ll likely have a higher success rate with XL plants, as they’re further along in their development and can handle mistakes early on. They’re also 2-4 weeks further along in the vegetative stage so you can flip them into flower in a shorter period of time, saving you an additional month of grow time.

What Do I Need To Have Ready Before Ordering Clones or XL Plants?

For growing indoors, you should have these things prepared before ordering:

  • Grow Tent
  • Grow Light
  • Nutrients
  • Soil
  • 1, 3 or 5 gallon pots with holes for drainage (fabric pots work best)
  • Hygrometer to monitor temperature and humidity
  • Fan for air flow
  • pH/PPM reader and pH Up/Down solution to manage pH and PPM levels.

For growing outdoors you should have these materials ready:

  • Nutrients
  • Soil
  • Fabric pots
  • pH/PPM reader and pH Up/Down solution to manage pH and PPM levels.

Are The Plants All Female & Photoperiod?

Yes! One of the main benefits of going with clones or XL plants over seeds is that you’re guaranteed a female plant. You don’t have to wait weeks to determine the sex of a plant from seed. You simply get clones or XL plants and you’re off to the races. 

Also, all clones and XL plants are going to be photoperiod strains, because it’s almost impossible to take cuttings from autoflower plants. Even if one were to successfully clone an autoflower plant, it would be a genetic replica of the mother plant, thus on the same flowering timeline.

This would give you extremely small flowering plants that wouldn’t be worth the effort to care for them.

    1. This place sells trash. As someone who at one time owned over 10 years of high times magazine they are trash also. Cannabis now is better website. And is best clone site. Don’t buy clones from people without proof of tested.

  1. I was going to try then saw 5 other identical sites under different names. Seems shady and no reviews on any forums. How old are they? Why do they pay for something that looks like article, but an ad.

  2. High times used to be highly respected, now pushing ad’s that look like articles. Online clone market is flooded with scammers and those selling infected/infested plants, with zero accountability. Plants do not live long enough to see if they are the real genetics that people pay for. After cost of obtaining genetics, it is about a dollar in supplies and very little work. For making 1000’s of percent profit they should have guarantees including cost of testing if the test should fail.

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