Cannabis Trailblazers “Winners Circle Genetics” Specialize in Creating Luxury Strains

Winners Circle Genetics is all about creating the cannabis strains of our wildest dreams. Learn more about them here!
Winners Circle Genetics

Though some weed users may argue that all cannabis strains are the same, an expert in the industry will tell you that they’re not. A true cannabis enthusiast can quickly tell the difference between exotic strains and ordinary strains. Luxury strains are more than potency: the flavor and smell are key factors.

Winners Circle Genetics is a world-class, premium cannabis company with outstanding proprietary genetics. Founders Chris Milano Allion, Hassim Robinson and Abou Thiam know the value and importance of exotic strains. The company is widely known for creating award-winning strains such as Peanut Butter and Jelly and Birkinz. Winners Circle Genetics has also been instrumental in the growth of other companies, as they also offer consultation on brand development for both start-ups and existing companies.

Winners Circle Genetics has been at the top for years now, and they have decided to scale it higher. They now specialize in creating luxury strains for cannabis aficionados. They are the 2020 Hall of Flowers Award recipients for their PBJ strain and partnership with Quavo on the Birkinz strain.

The Birkinz strain is one-of-a-kind with exceptional taste, smell and smoke that made it sell out instantly in all dispensaries statewide. To them, it’s all about bringing the best and incredible luxury strains to spice up the excitement of new cannabis discoveries.

Winners Circle Genetics has partnered with CanaFarma (CNFHF), a public company that will help them raise the much-needed financial freedom to scale. The industry is relatively young, but has stiff competition that calls for perfection.

It may be a lucrative industry, but don’t believe it is a get-rich-quick scheme. To realize profits, you will have to embrace efficiency, smartness, a well-outlined strategy and attention to the laws. This is perhaps why Winners Circle Genetics partnered with CanaFarma (CNFHF) to raise capital and have the best financial approach to expansion.  

The cannabis industry is heavily dominated by corporations, making it hard for young companies to break through—a challenge Winners Circle Genetics overcame. Chris, Hassim, and Abou were able to make it in the industry, giving some of the prominent companies a run for their money. Employing the right strategies from the start has been the secret to their success.

It’s their ambition to scale and become multi-state operators, with their strains retailing in every legal marketplace. The Winners Circle Genetics is the brand aiming to be one the biggest, if not the major one in the country. Their objective is to scale while still maintaining their exceptional quality.

The leadership at Winners Circle Genetics believes there is always room for growth regardless of the size of the business. The key is to constantly work on building your brand by exploiting all the available marketing avenues.

To them, the modern world has made it easy for small businesses, and you can quickly scale by leveraging social media and other marketing outlets. It may take that one deal to scale, and so you should lay down the proper foundation and be ready for any opportunity that may come your way.

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