CBD Oil in the UK — 5 Best CBD Oils You Can Buy in 2021

If you’re based in the UK and need help getting started on CBD, here are some great jumping off points!
CBD Oil in the UK — 5 Best CBD Oils You Can Buy in 2021
Courtesy of CBD Supplements UK

If you have even a slight interest in your wellbeing and health, CBD (cannabidiol) is a word you’re familiar with. Though it’s as trendy as avocado toast, it’s more than the next big thing in terms of keeping your body and endocannabinoid system fit. It’s here to stay. 

As more and more research is carried out, the picture of what CBD can do gets clearer, and all signs point to the fact that it’s going to be a permanent part of many people’s health regimens. 

The UK CBD oil market, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is continuing to increase in size. With a current market value of £300 million, the UK’s CBD market is huge and is only expected to continue to grow as it offers entrepreneurial and employment opportunities and is a major source for tax revenues. 

Though the wellness supplement has taken hold in vape shops, high street shops, and ecommerce stores at lightning speed, the quality controls are not quite in place yet. This means you must be careful when buying CBD oil in the UK. It may be easy to get a hold of, but getting a product that’s worth having will take some work on your part. 

The Food Standards Agency (known as the FSA) have announced new regulations surrounding CBD products sold in the UK. As of 2021, CBD products are allowed to be legally sold in the UK, providing that the THC content (tetrahydrocannabinol) content is zero or trace amounts (0.2%). Companies must also obtain a valid novel foods license in order to remain in the market after March. This is a step in the right direction, as consumers will only be buying from the UK’s best CBD oil brands who are compliant.

CBD Oil UK — The Top 5 CBD Oils You Can Buy in 2021

Based on hours of research, testing and customer feedback, here’s a list of the best CBD oil products you can buy in the UK. These UK CBD oil brands are trusted, established and known for producing only the highest quality CBD products.

1. Vibes CBD

Vibes CBD is a family-run operation that aims to show the UK what a high-quality CBD oil really looks like. Better than that, as a UK-only brand, they offer free next day shipping to everyone on every order so there’s no excuse to walk into any high street shop, especially during the COVID pandemic.

CBD means a lot to Vibes CBD, and they didn’t get into it for the ever-expanding market. Their oil is a bright spot amongst the poorly regulated companies that put less than their best on the shelves in hopes you won’t be able to tell the difference. Surprisingly, Vibes CBD has only been on the market for a very small amount of time, but already proving to be popular with their range of CBD products (consisting of CBD oil, CBD capsules and CBD gummies).

CBD Oil in the UK — 5 Best CBD Oils You Can Buy in 2021
Courtesy of CBD Supplements UK

They make the best CBD oil because they start off with the best ingredients. Vibes CBD’s hemp comes from Colorado (USA), one of the best places on the planet to cultivate hemp, and they use proprietary hemp strains with high amounts of CBD. This gives you an organic oil that is free from pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. They use the supercritical CO2 extraction process, arguably the most effective extraction method for creating quality CBD oils.

Consistency is another aspect Vibes CBD pride themselves in. It’s easy to make a good oil once or twice, but making every batch as effective and pure as the first one is no easy task. This is why they seem to create in small batches, to ensure the production process is never compromised. A quick look at their customer reviews tells you that Vibes CBD is here to stay as the UK’s #1 CBD oil brand. If this is your first time trying CBD oil, their 1000mg strength is a perfect product to start with!

Visit VibesCBD.co.uk to learn more

2. Blessed CBD

Part of the Cannabis Trades Association, Blessed CBD was a close contender for the top pick, but their prices are slightly on the higher side. But don’t be swayed by the price tag—Blessed CBD’s range of products work, and they’ve won unanimous “best CBD oil” awards from the likes of Mirror, Observer, Manchester Evening News, Birmingham Mail,QuitNet, LA Weekly and Leicester Mercury. If you need a high-quality, premium CBD brand, Blessed CBD is perfect for you.

CBD Oil in the UK — 5 Best CBD Oils You Can Buy in 2021
Courtesy of CBD Supplements UK

Blessed CBD is a British brand that only serves residents of the UK. Fed up by the lack of standards in the CBD market, a family started the business and now produces one of the best oils available in the UK in a 10ml bottle.

As an online only retailer, they use only natural ingredients and create their CBD oil in small batches to maintain high levels of quality and consistency. With an emphasis on quality, they are limited by their range offering only 3 natural CBD oils. This, in their opinion, gives them all the time in the world to continue to perfect their oil’s formula and production techniques. 

Their CBD oil is quickly becoming the stuff of legend, and by focusing only on how to make it better than it already is, it’s hard not to be excited at how much better it can be. You can’t go wrong with Blessed CBD.

If you’re skeptical about their products, Blessed CBD also includes a copy of their third-party lab results with every order. These transparent reports outline the phytocannabinoids profile and whether there are any heavy metals/solvents, giving consumers peace of mind.

Visit BlessedCBD.co.uk to learn more

3. Excite CBD

This family-operated business is based in Scotland and prides itself on going above and beyond for you, the customer. They make a range of organic CBD products that are vegan-friendly and full spectrum. 

Choose from CBD vape e-liquids, oils, capsules, moisturisers, topical skincare products and gift sets. Many costumers are huge fans of their full-spectrum CBD oil, which comes with a range of cannabinoids (CBC, CBDA, CBG, etc) and additional flavonoids and terpene profile. 

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils are said to help you achieve the sought-after entourage effect, but it’s important to get your dosing right. This is why Excite CBD provides an easy-to-understand dosage guide to help you calculate the most suitable and effective dose with their droppers. Their topical products (CBD creams) are based on a CBD isolate, but their lab reports show a high mg of CBD in them. 

Excite CBD’s oils currently come in a MCT oil carrier, but they’re working on additional carrier oil options for customers such as hemp seed oil, olive oil and coconut oil. 

4. Nutra CBD

A favorite brand in the Netherlands CBD oil market, Nutra CBD offers a nice selection of organic, CBD infused products. They use some of the best and most unique techniques to produce a high-quality oil. For example, while most companies have their hemp harvested by machines, Nutra CBD handpicks their hemp’s flowers and hangs them to dry. 

They are detail oriented, taking the time to do the small things right. Their huge range of products includes full-spectrum, capsules, tinctures and even pastes. Sold at a very reasonable price, you can find their products on their online shop only. 

Their gluten-free, organic hemp extracts are derived from Cannabis Sativa L plants, and with their maximum potency CBD oil tincture, you get a potent amount of CBD (10mg) per drop.

Currently, due to Brexit, delivery to the UK can take up to 2 weeks (but deliveries within Europe remain unaffected).

5. Crush CBD

Another brand based in Scotland, Crush CBD is highly respected, being linked with advanced research studies of cannabis. This is a brand that makes some truly high quality products. The hemp used in their oils, capsules and topicals is EU-grown, Non-GMO and their methodology unlike anything in the industry. 

Backed by mind-boggling science, Crush CBD is a pioneer for both the hemp and CBD industry, prioritizing safety and quality in all their products. They are currently not available widely in the UK market, but have an invite-only program for early testers. Some of the other products in their range include CBD e-liquid for vaping devices (which come in the form of CBD isolate) and CBD honey.

There are a variety of cannabis plants. Marijuana plants that have high amounts of THC (the compound that causes the psychoactive effect) are the ones that are illegal (so cannabis oil is illegal in the UK).

Hemp plants, on the other hand, have low amounts of THC and high amounts of CBD; these plants are not illegal though a licence is needed if you want to grow hemp.

As long as the CBD product is made using the hemp plant and contains less than 0.2% THC, it is legal to buy and use in the UK. As of March 2021, CBD brands must also obtain a valid novel foods license in order to keep selling their products. 

You should also be on the lookout for any brand selling CBD oil as a cure or substitute for traditional medication. It is a food supplement that is being subjected to heavy amounts of research. Until then, it can only be sold as a food or health supplement and there should be no claims about its medical potentials. CBD used alongside medications may also cause side effects, so consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before starting your CBD journey.

Should You Buy CBD Oil On The High Street?

The short answer, no. For the most effective products and to experience the proper health benefits of CBD, it’s recommended that you buy your CBD oil from a trusted online brand such as Vibes CBD or Blessed CBD.

Some of the largest retailers in the city offer their own line of CBD products. Though many people have had their first CBD experiences with the brands sold by these stores, they usually move on to brands online as customers have reported low levels of satisfaction due to the fact that these high street oils seem to be subpar. Most of these high street brands are also known to use low pressure ethanol extraction, which results in lower CBD content.

If you do make your way into one of these chains, it is always a good idea to speak to the employees in the shop about the products, asking how to use them. They should have some kind of knowledge of what they’re selling and how the products should be used. If you’re at Boots or Holland and Barrett and an employee knows nothing about CBD oil, you should kindly walk away and find a store that takes the products on their shelves seriously. 

Remember, transparency is everything in this industry, no matter how much name recognition a brand has.

CBD Oil in the UK — 5 Best CBD Oils You Can Buy in 2021
Courtesy of CBD Supplements UK

The Future of the UK CBD Oil Industry

The growth of the UK CBD industry has shown no signs of slowing down so we can only hope that this means high quality, THC-free brands like Vibes CBD will eventually make their way into high street shops. 

Until then, it seems as if the best thing for you to do if you want to buy pure CBD oil in the UK is to get it online. The brands on this list are safe, trusted and highly effective. You’ll be able to find a wide range of products, some of which you may not have even known were available. 
The point here is this: it’s easier than ever to find hemp CBD oil in the UK and the only way to make sure you get the best CBD oil is to order online until shops can catch up in terms of quality and customer care. For the UK’s best CBD oil brands, try Vibes CBD or Blessed CBD!

  1. I’ve tried a few and we do really have a great selection of CBD oil suppliers here in the UK, you just need to be able to see who is offering real quality and who isn’t.
    My current choice is a new company called Neuraleaf – founded by fully qualified doctors. They only have a couple of products, but that gives me a bit more confidence rather than those who roll out 100’s of different variations with fancy bright colour labels. https://neuraleaf.co.uk/product/cbd-entourage-oil/

  2. oh…CBD is amazing I like all items like CBD oil, CBD spray, CBD skin oil, and CBD lip balm. further, I used some other brands but my current product is CBD

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