Faster. Stronger. Smoother. Longer. The Science of Formula-X

THC science has reached a new high point.
Courtesy Frozen Fields

The pursuit of the perfect high is not something cannabinoid technicians take lightly. Once you get in amongst the molecules, the majesty of their long-chain carbon structures is all you think about. That’s been the forensic focus of Frozen Fields’ scientific lead Andrew Barton for the last few years. Barton’s work with live resin extraction in his lab in Oregon means he now holds a pending patent for a cannabinoid delivery system called Formula-X, and it is making waves in both the wellness and recreational cannabis categories.

“Formula-X is an enhanced delivery system created through a proprietary processing technique where we can condense cannabinoids with components of terpenes in cannabis,” says Barton, “ulti­mately delivering a faster onset with longer-lasting effects.” 

Formula-X is a new, highly bioavailable form of Delta-8 THC developed by the team at Frozen Fields, led by Barton. Frozen Fields’ Formula-X is more easily absorbed by the body and provides an almost instantaneous effect. This proprietary process makes Formula-X experiences vivid and more euphoric than anything previously seen in the alternative cannabis category. These condensed cannabinoids have special solubility qualities and improved transportation in the body, helping the other cannabinoids or molecules in Frozen Fields’ product have a greater impact via this enhanced delivery system, carrying them quicker and delivering them to the receptors faster. 

Courtesy Frozen Fields

Formula-X is blended in unique formulations to give consumers the desired Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid effect. 

Sativa: “This is our fast-acting and uplifting blend,’ says Barton. ‘Our patent-pending blend delivers a profound sense of energy – a friendly blast of get up and go – before you settle back into a richly rewarding experience. This is the Sativa effect, but with the unique fuller, faster, feel-good factor of Formula-X. Formula-X along with other condensed cannabinoids, are Patent Pending and will be used exclusively in Frozen Fields products.” 

Indica: “Our Indica blend has a euphoric onset followed by complete relaxation. You get the feel-good factor as you experience exhilaration before settling into the sublime state you would expect from a true Indica.” 

Hybrid: “Finally, this one’s a remix of our Indica and Sativa. A true Hybrid with the fast-acting and uplifting effects of our Sativa blend and the relaxation and euphoric nature of our lndica blend, creating a well-rounded experience for someone looking for a go-to product for all-day use. I’m proud of our three blends,” says Barton with a smile on his face like that of a proud parent. 

The difference between Formula-X and traditional cannabis extracts is the size and nature of the nanoparticles, which have an easier time getting where they need to go and are better able to exert their effects. Formula-X nanoparticles travel dissolved in terpenes, naturally occurring chemical compounds in plants responsible for the aromas, flavors, and colors associated with various vegetation types.

Courtesy Frozen Fields

Formula-X nanoparticles take more force to move than the terpenes they are dissolved in. This means that water repels them at a different rate than the terpenes, making it easy for the body to separate them individually. Their tiny (nanoscale) size means they are easily suspended in water, allowing the body to transport them immediately in large quantities. Their tiny size also means they quickly “settle” on their targets, enhancing their effects.

If that feels like a lot of science, we asked Andrew Barton if he has an everyday, real-world analogy:

“When the body absorbs materials that don’t dissolve in water, it uses a variety of bio-molecules to break the materials into smaller and smaller pieces. Once the pieces are small enough, they can be suspended in water and transported throughout the body. You can think of this process as being like rocks in a river. The current doesn’t move the biggest rocks; the water moves around them. As the rocks get smaller, they move increasingly with the current. Small rocks get pushed around where the current is fastest, shaping the bottom of the stream. Gravel moves farther, filling in the empty spaces between small rocks. Like in the body, the smaller the particles are, the farther they travel, and the better they fill small spaces when they settle.”

Smaller particles moving further get into more places, causing an enhanced effect. That’s the Formula-X Feel Good Factor. 

Courtesy Frozen Fields

All of this cutting-edge science begins on the 45 parallel in Oregon near the banks of the Deschutes River. The 45th parallel is known to have the best terroir for growing cannabis. Frozen Fields’ hemp is grown near beautiful Bend, Oregon, halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. Oregon State University Global Hemp Innovation Center has confirmed this location to be an ideal climate for growing this amazing plant. This is partly thanks to its rich volcanic soil, which ensures dense, trichome-full flower that is virtually indistinguishable from high-end medical cannabis varieties.

“Our development team has mixed these new cannabinoid molecules in different quantities to mimic an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid effect with the enhanced bioavailability of Formula-X,” says Frozen Fields CRO Koby Licciardo. “We’re utilizing cutting-edge advancements in the hemp-derived category to craft an experience mimicking traditional cannabis. The key difference is Formula-X means you have a virtually instantaneous effect followed by a longer, stronger, smoother journey. All of this begins with a quality live resin extract flash frozen at precisely the right moment.”

Frozen Fields’ flowers are frozen within two hours of harvest. The sudden flash freeze at the peak of their ripeness immediately halts any further maturation. It maintains the robust terpenes and cannabinoids in a whole way that also increases the entourage effect of the resin.

Courtesy Frozen Fields

Proprietary technology in the form of closed-loop light hydrocarbon extraction is used. The final product is concentrated and fresh. The plants remain frozen until the Frozen Fields lab is ready to process them. The unique hydrocarbon extraction technology leaves zero residuals.

“During extraction, the chambers reach an industry-leading negative 110 degrees Fahrenheit, gently releasing the trichomes from the flower. There is no way to replicate the smell, taste, and effect of our Live Resin. You either freeze it at harvest, or it is lost forever. This method additionally eliminates the need for further filtration or winterization. Whole flower LIVE RESIN™ is the highest quality and most potent cannabinoid and terpene concentrate on the market today,” says Licciardo.

Frozen Fields lives and thrives at the crossroads of technology and creativity. They have crafted a unique flash-frozen product to create a high that is the perfect combination of faster, stronger, smoother, and longer lasting – with blends that deliver euphoria, color, and stimulation in the mixes customers want. Working with some of the world’s leading geneticists, they push the boundaries of organic chemistry to innovate the industry with patent-pending products. Frozen Fields Formula-X products can be bought directly through their online store or look out for them wherever you get your vapes, liquids and gummies. 

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