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Not sure which cannabinoids boost energy, curb the munchies, improve mood, or aid sleep? Find the perfect solution for you with Rare Cannabinoid Company’s one-minute quiz.
THC, THCV, CBN, CBG … confused by all the cannabinoids? Rare Cannabinoid Company’s new quiz takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect combination for your needs.

High Times recently came across this new cannabinoid quiz that matches your needs and desires to specific cannabis compounds. It only takes one minute and you also get a free packet of THC Mood Gummies. We’ll explain how it works … or go ahead and take the quiz now!

What’s your favorite cannabis strain? Perhaps you’re a fan of energetic sativas or sleepy indicas. But, are you sure that Wedding Cake, Gelato, or Girl Scout Cookies are really giving you the effects you’re looking for? 

THCV for Weight Loss, CBN for Sleep?

When we think of strains, we’re really looking at the type, strength, and combination of specific cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis and hemp flowers. It’s these specific compounds that give buds (and other cannabis products) their unique effects. The two best-known cannabinoids are of course THC and CBD, but there are dozens of other active compounds in hemp and cannabis.

In fact, some rare cannabinoids, which occur in much smaller quantities than THC and CBD, have the opposite effects of THC. For example, THCV acts like a stimulant, increasing energy and focus while curbing the munchies. Sativas such as Durban Poison have high levels of THCV. Taken alone or with CBD (instead of THC), THCV may even promote weight loss. On the opposite end of the spectrum is CBN which has sedative properties and aids sleep, like indica Hindu Kush. Then, there’s CBG for aches and pains and CBDV for sociability etc. But, with all the acronyms, it can be difficult to remember which compound does what!

Got the munchies? Unlike THC, THCV reduces hunger, boosts energy levels, and helps you focus.

1-Minute Cannabis Quiz 

That’s where this new quiz comes in. This is not just your usual CBD quiz that chooses a simple CBD oil product or a comical Buzzfeed quiz on your style of stoner personality. Instead, Rare Cannabinoid Company’s quiz finds the right combination of cannabinoids for your needs with three simple questions.

  1. What do you need help with? (Examples: Relaxation, Mood Enhancer, Euphoria etc.)
  2. Would you like to avoid some / all THC?
  3. What types of products would you like to see? 

Once you take the quiz, you get your results and a coupon code for a free packet of THC Mood Gummies with euphoric Delta-9-THC, depression-busting CBC oil, and stress relieving CBD oil. 

In addition to your cannabinoid quiz results, you’ll receive a coupon code so you can try this packet of THC Mood Gummies for free.

Results are given by which cannabinoids will help you most, followed by recommended products. The cannabinoids are chosen from your stated needs while the product suggestions take into consideration your desired THC content and product type. 

You can use this quiz to help navigate the company’s vast selection of gummies, oils, and topicals, or use it to better understand which cannabis strains to look for at your local dispensary. Rare Cannabinoid Company also recommends enhancing your own favorite THC or CBD products with specific cannabinoids according to your desired effects.

Key Cannabinoids & The Strains They’re Found In

THCV – Known for it’s energetic uplift and for curbing the munchies, this stimulating cannabinoid suppresses appetite while boosting focus and concentration. THCV is also being studied for nicotine and other addictions, weight loss, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and for potential antipsychotic properties. Durban Poison, an African landrace sativa that became popular in Amsterdam, is a prime example of a strain high in THCV. Other popular high THCV strains include Doug’s Varin, Jack The Ripper, Tangie, Pineapple Purps, Malawi Gold, Willie Nelson, Dutch Treat, Skunk #1, and Power Plant. However, products with high THC content may negate some THCV effects and dedicated THCV oils and extra strength THCV gummies contain much higher concentrations of THCV than you’ll ever find in a flower. 

CBC – Feeling depressed? CBC cannabinoid might help. Scientific studies have found CBC to offer the most antidepressant-like effects of all non-psychoactive cannabinoids. CBC oil elevates mood by raising levels of the brain’s bliss molecule anandamide and is also good for skin health (primarily acne) and occasional inflammation. High CBC strains include 3Kings, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Maui Dream, Blue Cherry Soda, Valentine X, Purple Candy, Birthday Cake, and Bubba Cookies, Northern Lights, and Jack Herer strain. CBC’s mood boosting properties can also cut the anxiety and paranoia triggered by too much THC consumption. This will usually work best by taking a dedicated CBC oil or low to moderate dose THC edible with high levels of CBC like Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THC Mood Gummies. 

CBG – For discomfort, soreness, and joint support. Some studies say CBG may be even better than THC and CBD for pain and inflammation. CBG is also being studied for potential use against many diseases including various cancers. Most cannabis strains contain at least a little CBG, but to be considered a high-CBG strain the flower should contain around 10-15% CBG. High CBG strains include: White CBG, Jack Frost CBG Strain, Lemon Diesel CBG, White  Widow, Magic Jordan, Destroyer, Mickey Kush, Allen Wrench, Auto CBG Strain, Madras CBG, and Matterhorn CBG. You can also take CBG in a CBG tincture or gummies.

Delta-9-THC – For euphoria, deep relaxation, soreness, discomfort, and nausea. All cannabis flowers contain Delta-9-THC, but those with 25% to 35+% THC are considered the most potent THC strains. The following are among the strongest Delta 9 strains available now: Godfather OG, Ghost Train Haze, Wedding Cake, Grease Monkey, Bruce Banner, Ghost OG, Pacman OG, GM-UHOH, Umami Butter, Beyond Blueberry, Runtz x Z x AC, Xeno, Triple Lindy, Blue Face, Polar Gelato, Runtz, Gorilla Glue, and Chemdawg. However, the latest studies are saying that a full spectrum mix of cannabinoids and terpenes may offer a stronger high than looking at THC content alone.

CBN, Delta-9-THC, and specific terpene formulations promote deep, restful sleep.

CBN – Considered the most-sedative cannabinoid, CBN helps with falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up refreshed without next-day grogginess. CBN also offers relief from discomfort and is being studied for other ailments and potential benefits to eye health. CBN cannabinoid naturally occurs when THC degrades due to heat or age. The following are considered high CBN strains, however the amount of CBN in fresh buds is nowhere near as high as you’ll find in CBN gummies, oils, or other concentrated CBN products. High CBN strains: Animal Cookies, Blackberry Kush, Tahoe OG, Banana OG, Bubble Gum, Purple Cadillac, Mr. Nice. 

CBDV – Do you suffer from social anxiety? CBDV may improve sociability and memory, while reducing anxiety and irritability. CBDV is also being studied for epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder (primarily for behavioral issues, anger, and repetitive movements), ADHD, muscular dystrophy and more. It is very difficult to be sure of the amount of CBDV even in many strains considered to contain larger amounts of CBDV such as Royal CBDV strain, CBDV Auto, Euphoria, Painkiller XL, Royal Medic, Dance World, Forbidden V CBDV, and Pine Walker CBDV. To get a high quantity of CBDV, Rare Cannabinoid Company offers the world’s first pure CBDV oil tincture. 

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CBD – For calm, balance, and inflammation after exercise. CBD is the primary cannabinoid in hemp and can offer a lot of relief without the high associated with THC and cannabis. It is also being used for seizures and studied for many potential uses. Some people enjoy a mellow mix of CBD and THC. Ratios range considerably from Ringo’s Gift (24:1 CBD/THC ratio) and ACDC (20:1 CBD/THC) to Harlequin (5:2 CBD/THC ratio) and Cannatonic (2:1 CBD/THC ratio).

Meanwhile, some CBD flower strains have truly negligible amounts of THC (less than 0.3% THC). These CBD strains include: Sour Space Candy, Dough Boy, Frosted Kush, Elektra, and Harle-Tsu. Of course, there are many CBD oils, gummies, and other products on the market that contain less than 0.3% THC or Zero THC.

CBD, CBN, THCV, THC, and CBG Gummies can be combined with each other or your favorite cannabis product to amplify specific effects and benefits.

Cannabinoid Quiz Demystifies Compounds

Why did Rare Cannabinoid Company create this quiz?

“We found that cannabis is often classified just by THC content, sativa vs indica, or by the sound of a strain’s name,” said a company spokesperson.

“We’re beyond the times of just smoking weed to get high or taking CBD for non-psychoactive relief. We know that specific cannabinoids offer unique effects and wanted to make it easier for people to get exactly what they were looking for,” she said.

“After all, cannabis users are more knowledgeable and discerning than ever and this is also a fun way to help people learn more.”

For example, she explains that many people associate a fun, energetic high with a certain sativa, but they don’t realize that there are other strains and products with much higher THCV potency. 

Knowing that THCV reduces hunger and helps focus and concentration, many people will choose to take a THCV gummy or oil tincture throughout the day for work or exercise. Then, they’ll combine THCV with a THC Mood Gummy or their favorite cannabis strain for a night of dancing or a party. 

“By mixing and matching cannabinoids and terpenes, people can find the perfect combination for each time of day, how they feel, or what their needs are at that minute,” she said.

“We hope everyone will take the quiz and that it’ll help them choose from our products or make an informed decision when they visit their dispensary,” she said.

Take the quiz and don’t forget you’ll also get free THC Mood Gummies.

Rare Cannabinoid Company grew out of Hawaiian Choice CBD, which was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 2017. The company offers premium full and broad spectrum Hawaiian CBD as well as the largest selection of naturally occurring cannabinoid tinctures, gummies, and topicals of CBC, CBDA, CBDV, CBGA, CBG, THC, and THCV, as well as terpenes and Pet CBD. Products can be found in hundreds of locations across the United States, Asia, and South America as well as online.

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